Monday, October 27, 2008

A Day Without Music

I wake to sounds of the crows. They're lingering on the boughs of the evergreens, catching up on idle chatter not far from my bedroom. Sunlight streams in, draping itself over the pile of washed clothes which I swear will start thinking for itself soon if I don't clean it up.

The shower flicks on with a hiss and water drowns out the sound of the birds. Showers probably shouldn't hiss. I should get that fixed soon.

Heading to work, I restrained my urge to listen to music. I listen to music every day, I'm afraid that too much will dull the experience. I tuck the headphones back in my pocket and the bus roars off down the street, whistling as the combustion engine nears it's twentieth birthday. They'll retire these ones soon I suppose.

The office is quiet when I walk in. Only two other bleary eyed co-workers are there, plopping their backpacks down at the desks where we'll sit for the next eight hours. They smile, wave, and 'good morning' me, I do the same, and porcelain clinks in the kitchen. Three co-workers then.

I go to get some coffee, the shipyard nearby generates a thunderous rumbling as crates are offloaded from ships just docked, the gulls wheel listlessly above and call in that strange North American way; it's not a reverberative caw, it's more of a smooth, high-pitched yell. They're silenced as the door behind me closes and the barista works his magic, the coffee machine hissing in happy conformance. Coffee is hot this morning.

The office is buzzing when I return, and the day flies by as I'm focused on picking a certain shade of blue, and shifting that arm by a few pixels.

It's almost time to leave, I plug my external hard drive in and find that my music library is gone.


Unplugging it again, I head home. The distant grumble of traffic feels like its almost six o'clock and the neighbourhood slips into shadow. Junkies and homeless kids start filtering out into the streets from god knows where. As I near the library they get louder, catching up on idle chatter not far from my bus stop.

The house is silent when I walk in. My keys remind me of tiny cymbals as they hit the bench-top. I sit down to try and fix my music library.

Jimzip :D

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Adultery, and Evidence of Evolution

Ok so there's nothing in this post about adultery except this sentence.

I just like putting things in twos...

In that vein, my goodness - I have news about Frontier!

So last time I wrote about it, I mentioned that I was planning pitches. Well around a month and a half ago, I sent a couple off. Some time afterward, I received a brief (but pleasant) letter from a producer I'd met, who mentioned that she really liked the sound of the story and would like to sit down and chat. I was super excited about this, I'd seen some of her work before and was thrilled to have an answer. However, it also meant that I'd also have to really start getting my act together. No word from the big players, but I had only sent off two letters and had received an answer - so I wasn't too fussed.

A couple more weeks went by, and then one morning while checking my inbox at work (come on, you all do it), up popped a new email, with the same title as the one I'd sent off to CBC. Annoyed that someone had stolen my email title, and had emailed it back to me from a fake CBC email address claiming to be the west coast representative of CBC arts and entertainment, I marked it as junk and hit the delete button.

Now, what actually happened:

Instead of freaking out, I hovered my cursor over the email, scared to death and shaking (that may also have been from the latte earlier). In all honesty I thought I'd received a 'thanks but no thanks' response, but upon opening it, I found that firstly, holy shmoly it was legit, and secondly, that CBC is interested in seeing some material...

Cleaning the coffee off the table and my pants, I ran outside to ring someone, anyone, (and note for the future, it's best to have an idea of who you're calling before you dial random digits and wake someone in Nova Scotia). I then ran back inside and sat, looking like someone that's sitting there trying not to look like someone that just found out something really exciting.

Long story short, things are steaming along steadily. The project is more than just a fun idea I've been spending spare time on now, it's changed into a possibility, and I've spent the last ten or so days frantically trying to organise everything into a neat little package to send off.

There's still a lot of work to be done, but I'll be sure to post any and all news on this here digital thingamajig so that we can all freak out together.

I'm considerate like that.

Jimzip :D

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lights, Camera... Music?

The Rocktober iPod Giveaway!
Ok people, it's time to shake things up!

Yes, this post is the first official Rocktober giveaway, designed to put some tunes in your pocket, and a smile on your dial! But discarding the cheesiness for a moment and in all seriousness, I've got a shiny new 8GB iPod nano here that I'm just dying to give to someone!

And all you have to do to have it arrive in your mailbox, is leave a comment! It's that simple! (You didn't think I'd give an iPod away without some shameless self-promotion did you?) On October 30th, everyone that's left a comment will be put in a hat, and someone will be picked out. Yay iPods! The only rule is that you can't post as anonymous. If you do that, I don't know who to give the iPod to! So make sure you use your Blogger account or an openID (WordPress, AIM, TypePad or LiveJournal), or a name with a URL.

Multiple comments don't give you more chances, but I do like comments. :) Leave one on any post made between now (this one included) and the 30th to go into the hat! The comp closes on the 30th, and only comments made between now and then will be counted, so make sure you check back and see if you've won!

Cheers all, and good luck!

Jimzip :D

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