Saturday, September 5, 2009

World of Warcraft: Surprisingly Awesome

Well, it appears that the media's favourite punching-bag, video games (not Britney mind you), will probably be ignored this time around - much in the same way a stoned llama ignores traffic lights I suppose.

You see, this time a video game, indeed the much celebrated 'World of Warcraft', has actually saved someone's life. Surprised? So (I imagine) was Hans Jørgen Olson, as field reporter Gabby McTrinket Tabble reports (Note: name may be fictitious ... and amazing):

The twelve-year old Norwegian was walking in the forest with his younger sister when they crossed paths with an elk. An elk with a vendetta, allegedly.

Says Hans: "My sister ran off, but I attempted to scare the elk. When I noticed that it wasn't working, I ran too, but it chased me."

The elk butted Hans in the back, but luckily his backpack absorbed the impact. Hans then decided to use a trick he'd learned in World of Warcraft.

"When your character reaches level 30," he explains, "he learns a move called 'Feign Death'. So that's what I did."

Hans dropped to the forest floor and played dead. It worked.

"After a moment, the elk left." He said.

Thus, the world can sleep another night. Safe in the knowledge that what we learn while sitting in front of our computer screens for hours on end may actually somehow prove useful in real life. I say it's a good thing the kid didn't try to use 'Fireball' ... that probably wouldn't have gone down so well. Either way, I got endless chuckles from this, oh my yes.

You can read the original story here. (Incompatibility Warning! Site is Swedish!)


Finally, there are two new wallpapers up on for yer viewin' pleasure, Compass and Barnacles. They're located in the collection section.

Pip pip then!


4 thoughts are now mine:

D_DAWG said...

Very cool, glad that the video gaming world gets some positive publicity from time to time opposed to the standard correlation of video games to teen violence.

Good show sir.

Luke said...

Ok, let's review the facts again shall we: His sister outran the elk, while he could not! Probably because he's so damn fat from sitting in front of a computer playing WoW!

Also, his strategy was to feign death! Good job it wasn't a lion they were being chased by! But yes, kudos to video games - I can't tell you how many times the life skill of 'feigning death' has been useful in my day to day life. :p (And I did grow to giant size that one time I ate a weird mushroom...)

But seriously, yay for video games and crazy Norwegians. :)

Luke! said...

Haha I love this! Perhaps this yet another reason I should jump on this World of Warcraft bandwagon. I might pick up some useful survival skills, for that day which I will inevitably be stuck in the wilderness!


Anonymous said...

Luke if you would read the story the you would know that he was trying to scare the elk while hes sister rund for it and thats why se was able to run away and he was not.

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