Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Gearing up...

It's so close!
I can feel the adrenaline pumping through me every time I think about it. It feels like when you get up at sunrise and it's a sunny day.. Corny? Yup! But that's how I feel so whatever.
To be honest, I'm referring to many things.. Christmas and getting to Portsea for the holidays, New Year's eve, and of course, going overseas in January. (By the way I'm jumping up and down while typing.. WEound cfary Wewl=\lk ikt is! Hmm.. Better stop doing that..)

Anyway, I get excited about corny things like Christmas.. Anyone who knows me knows I get excited easily so you'll all just have to cope with it.
Tomorrow night I have pre-drinks to attend, and then a night or partaying.. Or drinking.. one or the other, preferably both.
So that's about it from me!
Cheerio then!

Jimzip :D

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