Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bulbs & West Coast

Yo! Not really worthy of a post, but there are two new wallpapers up for y'all to enjoy. 'Bulbs' and 'West Coast'. You'll find them in the Collection area of

Also, I'm interested to know your response to this question. Please answer in the comments.

Q: What would you be more inclined to listen to if it stopped you in the street:

a) a tiki god, b) an angel, or c) a sphinx.



3 thoughts are now mine:

Luke said...

Hmmm, I'd probably speak to the angel - they generally seem more chilled out. I can imagine a God being all 'sacrifice this or that in my honour' whereas the angel should hopefully just be helping you out. (Although maybe tiki gods are different, I don't know enough about them.) I wouldn't bother with the sphinx because I don't speak arabic. If any of them stopped me just to ask directions, that'd suck. Nice wallpapers. :)

Dale said...

I'm having difficulty picturing a sphinx in motion... :) Maybe it's sitting on a street corner calling out to me? In which case I'd probably avoid it.

Much easier to look like an angel than to actually be one, whereas faking a tiki god would involve more commitment. So unless the angel is flapping real angel wings and performing an angelic act, for credibility's sake I'll go for tiki god. ...But if the angel is being angel-y then angel. :P

Patrick said...

There must be something behind this seemingly random survey. As for me--it would have to be the angel. Tiki gods generally have a very ominous facial expression that would probably prompt me to skirt around them on the street. As for the sphinx--legend has it they will ask you a riddle to which, if you can not provide the correct answer, they will strangle you until death. Yup--I'd put my money on the angel. :P

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