Monday, June 26, 2006

We're back..

Hey all! So, after a small complication and then some re-adjusting, is back online for your viewin' pleasure. New content is coming soon.

Friday, June 9, 2006 is down.

Yes. The rumours are true. is indeed offline. Business CEO James Wilson comments: "We had no idea that our website would go down like this. It's a sad day for the internet, and we hope the situation is rectified soon."
Our representative failed to comment.
In other news, make sure you've subscribed to the LLV. Episode four is coming your way soon. If you subscribe in iTunes you are automatically updated when a new episode arrives.
We're having great fun making it, we hope you're having great fun watching it!

More news, as it comes.

Jimzip :D

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Settling business ..

So, things have been a little quiet around here for a few days.. With good reason I assure you. I think mostly it was the move that took it out of me, I'm only now settling in properly (and I don't yet have a desk to sit at, so all these blog entries are coming to you from the edge of my bed, aren't I dedicated?)..
Anyway, I'm going to post a couple of pics of my new room. I think I did it up ok. It was absolutely empty when I arrived, save for the bed and mattress, so I did a bit of a shop and almost proved that there's a little Martha Stewart in everyone.. Well, I think I did anyhow..

So, here we go. Before and after shots for your enjoyment! (Click to see them larger.)

Ah! Also, in other news, I'm finishing at the restaurant on Sunday. Yes, I know, short lived. But it really wasn't a good environment to work in.. Plus, they had zip intention of putting me on serving anytime soon. So I've done my dash expediting, now I want a real job.
I've applied to a really cool one already, and I'm really hoping they consider me. It would be seriously awesome if I get it! But let's not jinx anything, more news as it comes!

Cheers all,

Jimzip :D

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