Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jimzip.com is back online

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Luka said...

Yay! There's a cinema section! (No matter how cool the changes were, I was going to suggest - Can you put your old short films on it? Haha, so now I don't have to. Well played Jimzip, well played) :) Although my internet runs on dial up speeds from 9-6 (sad face) so will have to wait until 6 to check them out again.

Anywho, the new site looks spiffy - look forward to exploring it more shortly.

Luka (figured I'd go by my Hawaiian name today).

Luke said...

I'm back! Was cool watching them all again. :) Just realised: Token is the original trinity key! Three parts - each part gained after completing a task. Don't sue me! And what's this I read about more to come!? Is that a cruel hoax? Thanks for setting up the cinema, was good to watch them again (Plus I'd never seen pweep before.)

Jimzip said...

Wow! I didn't see that. O_O Haha.

Actually I believe it is *I* that should be worried, you see I invented a time machine some while ago, and may or may not have jumped into the future and seen the Into The Black tv show in 2013 ... (I don't know how you got Spielberg to direct it, but my goodness, whoever said big-budget shows were over was very wrong!) ;)

Glad you like the updates. Took a lot of searching to track down those shorts believe it or not. Fortuitously, I finally found them on a hard-drive that just happened to be over here in Canada with me, which is odd. Anyway, yay! :)

Jimzip :D

Luke said...

Getting Spielberg to direct it was easy - I just borrowed your time machine and went back in time, handed him the script to Schindler's List and told him if he directed it, he'd win an Oscar. So he owed me a favour. (I also think his new version of it came out much better than the original one by Michael Bay.)

Dale said...

Those short films are really neat! I like the style of animation... Not that I really know much about anything animated, but it seemed really fresh and fun. And was the teacher's voice in Token you? If so, the teachers at your school must have been strange if they spoke that way. :P

Jimzip said...

lol, yeah the voice was me. I remember recording that late at night in the kitchen at home, trying not to wake anyone up. As a result, the voice wasn't very strong, I still kinda wince every time I hear it haha. What's done is done though! :)

To this day I still feel Kid was the strongest as a whole, the other two aren't good enough in my head. It irks me actually, cause if I'd had more time in final year to spend on Token it would have been much better, I just never got the opportunity to tweak and detail as I'd have liked. That was a direct result of not only my first story being rejected by the teacher after I'd put a lot of time into it (she said it was too 'dark'), but also the fact that I had a semi-'cataclysmic system crash' - as they say in the Matrix - a couple of weeks into production and lost everything, having to start from scratch. :) Anyway, visually Token worked, but as a piece I feel it's kinda weak.

Anyway! That's my mini-rant! Glad you enjoyed it in any case. :)

Jimzip :D

Luke said...

Ohhh, can you tell us what the darker idea was? (I also remember you had a different plan for that bucket of water in Token, originally.)

Patrick said...

What I noticed was the evolution in the eyes of your characters. Which is your favorite?

So if the girl featured at the end of "Token" fails in any of the three challenges, does she perish in real life...like in "The Matrix"?? (that's MY darker idea coming out!) :P

Jimzip said...

Haha. Well I always thought she'd pull through somehow. ;)

The original idea was quite complex, had nothing to do with the new Token I eventually made, and relied on the viewer to do some thinking to get something out of it. It's something I still think of going back and doing to this day actually. It too involved Derek (the main character that I used in Token), and two supporting characters, a boy and girl (though not the one you see in Token).

The reason for my teacher rejecting it is because a) she didn't quite get it. I blame it mostly on my abysmal powers of explanation and presentation, and b) her inability to believe there was more to my writing than what was on the surface. It was doubly frustrating because I was shot down in front of the class and managed to look incredibly awkward during the process.

Anyway the mood of the piece overall was quite intense, but there was one particular scene in which Derek is cornered on a cliff and surprises his assailant by leaping off. Surprisingly he discovers that not only does he not fall to his death, but that he in fact soars into the sky.

It sounds strange and kind of conventional, but in context the reason for it was *supposed* to carry a little triple-whammy metaphor; firstly to show that he can make his own decisions, which is a personal struggle the character had been battling with & which other characters tease him about. Secondly to symbolise a leap of faith and personal growth, as he has been fighting a strange murmur in the back of his mind that keeps urging him to try and ignore his concept of what should and shouldn't be, and thirdly, because it marked his freedom from the situation he has been stuck in. On top of that, it just would have looked really cool. ;)

After all the effort building up to that scene, she took it as him committing suicide and said it was inappropriate ... yah.

Anyway there you have it, the script was then re-written and new storyboards drawn over the next two weeks, and Token turned into the somewhat more lighthearted animation you just saw.


Oh and lastly, yeah Luke there were a few ideas for bucket of water, one was that it was bigger, and supposed to be connected to a system of gears which tipped it into the lava, creating the rocks that he then walks across to get to the final platform. Of course, time constraints foiled me once again. ;)

Jimzip :D

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