Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'd like to depart from my normal ramblings briefly, and discuss something that's irking me today.

Oh my, yes, it's geekery at its finest. But it's worth mentioning that today Adobe announced that they were discontinuing support for their flagship product, Creative Suite 3 (CS3) once Snow Leopard pounces into the consumer arena.

Snow Leopard - for those not in the know - is Apple's newest version of OS X, version number 10.6 and it's due for release this coming Friday August 28th.

The statement says that while sure, there'll be no support for CS3, the newer version (CS4) will of course work, and all you have to do is upgrade ... -for the low-low price of $499.

To me this seems to be a simple case of snatch and run. Adobe wants people to upgrade, and they're effectively going to use this OS X update as their vehicle.

I don't know about you, but I think this is cheeky, cheeky, cheeky.

Edit: As of this writing, I've upgraded, and apart from some bizarre graphical glitches in WoW, I've had no trouble with CS3 and Snow Leopard. I hereby retract my prior hysterics, but will keep a watchful eye on the situation. ;)


5 thoughts are now mine:

andreliem said...

cheeky indeed

warwickmac said...

That sucks!! Robbery!!

Luke said...

That does suck! But the cartoon made me laugh... and isn't $499 a small price to pay for laughter?

But is it adobe's fault or the fault of Apple's new OS? I had the same problem of some programs not running on Vista that used to run on XP and I just blamed Mircosoft. But then I always blame microsoft.

Damn Mircosoft screwing up adobe CS!

lissy said...

oh my lord.
Do you actually have a Swedish option button on this blog????????

hahahahhahahahaahahahaha. You are priceless ;)

I had better brush up on my Swedish now I guess....


Jimzip said...

Hahah, thanks Warwick. (I have to come up with a nickname for you, Wawa is too dated now and Waz is too buddy-buddy... :/ I ain't calling you 'bra' either haha. I'll come up with something!)

Cheers Luke, I agree, it's partially Apple's fault as well, but seeing as the update addresses core improvements and removes a whole heap of old system resources that were 'clogging' things up, I put more blame on Adobe for not keeping their software up to spec. Er, I mean ... it's all Microsoft's fault! ;)

Mimi: Hehehe. Do you have any idea how cool I find that thought! X) You could totally start learning Swedish! Hahah.

Jimzip :D

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