Saturday, December 9, 2006

Bushfires, Christmas and the return to Aus.

Wow!! So, the move is done, all my stuff is at my uncle's place, and I'm now back in my old bedroom in Australia.

The strangest thing happened today.
I woke up this morning and realised it was overcast outside, which was really odd because the forecast had said sunny and 37, so upon opening my blinds, I was greeted with a really eerie sight.
The sky was grey, but it was smoke, not cloud, that was obscuring the sky. The bushfires raging on in the North of Victoria and NSW have blanketed the city, probably half the state, in dense smog that smells of eucalyptus.
The light is all orange too, and the air is very close, it's hard to hear the freeway, which is about 1km away, and usually it's quite loud.
We're in the midst of one of the worst droughts ever apparently, in fact we've just been elevated to stage-3 water restrictions, which means no watering the garden, and no showers longer than 5 minutes.

Though there's no rain in sight, the weather is due to change soon, so we're all hoping this fire doesn't reach the city, it's already caused enough devastation, and the hot winds are only helping its advance towards Melbourne.
Regardless, this summer I intend to relax, swim, and yes.. work.. until February when I return to Vancouver once again, where it was snowing before I left.. So bizarre..

The first night I arrived home I was also invited to an awards show just outside the city, it was interesting because I was really fuzzy and tired, I could hardly remember where I was, and suddenly I was up in front of all these people with Adam Elliot handing me a large glass mint-leaf with '2006 Adam Elliot award' engraved on it. I was amazed, but almost passed out too.. It dawned on me the next day just how cool it was. Me and another guy Liam, who both did animations, both got awards, so yeah it was worth it I think! ;)

Anyway, more detailed posts to come. It's great to be home again!

Jimzip :D

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