Tuesday, March 28, 2006

8030 days.

Today it's my 22nd birthday. Yes it's been 8030 days since I was brought into this world (give or take a couple for leap-years..) and what better way to spend the day than by dropping off resumes!
On the upside though, it's a magnificent day over here, we've had rain for the last week so it's nice to have sunlight and clear skies again. Also I'm quite sure today I'll be able to finally pick up that new laptop I've been waiting for the last 3 months for. Hopefully..
Today also marks the only time I've ever been away from my family for a birthday and it feels a little strange, though I suppose I have to be thankful for all the technology around these days that we have to get in contact with people. I haven't used any of it yet, but I'm still thankful for it.
Cheers all!

Jimzip :D

Monday, March 20, 2006

A busy weekend. A very busy weekend..

I arrived at work on Friday with a real feeling of excitement, because I knew that come 9:30 I was going to be leaving my lanyard and headset, and walking out of American Eagle as an employee for the last time.
(I did manage to get a photo of the other associates working that shift with me (fig.. whatever) but the rest of my fellow employees got off work early so they weren't able to be snapped. From the left: Ronnie (one of the store's managers), Petra, Heather, and myself.)
Of course, before I left, I made a short trip to the handy bank and took advantage of my employee discount while it lasted. Good fun I say.
After walking out the shop door for the last time, I caught a cab and ventured to the Navy Base on Deadman's Island for the St. Patrick's day party the navy gang had organised.
It was good fun, though the prize for best-dressed did go to a Scotsman... (I can't complain, I walked out of there with a small green hat, which was the prize for drinking a Car-Bomb with four other attendees..)
Saturday morning arrived, and I woke up in North Vancouver at a mate's cousin's house. Feeling slightly groggy, the six people that stayed the night and I went to watch a rugby game at the local sports ground, and then returned home to prepare for a toga party that night..
We ended up playing a big game of Cranium (the board game) and were up until at least two-o'clock, but I lost track of time around one so I can't be sure when it was that I actually went to bed.
Anyway, finally Sunday morning rolled around, and up we got, ready for a birthday party. This time it was at UBC (University of British Columbia) and I spent the afternoon on a scavenger hunt around campus (photos have yet to be given to me but I'll get them..). Good fun I say again..

And now, I'm going to go lie down..
It's been a busy weekend..


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The 'Find Your Name In Print' entry!

Since I've been here, I've been a busy little fellow. It's no surprise then that sometimes I encounter things which make someone back home spring to mind.
Do you have any idea how many times a day I remember all of the gang back in Aus? No? Well here's a little list of things, and who they remind me of..

  • Gordy fills the sink with water to wash the dishes, Jane.
  • I hear some new music I really like, or any of the bands that scroll along my blog's header, Al.
  • I think about getting my license or see a VW Polo, Warwick.
  • I hear Franz Ferdinand at work, (It's played at least 5 times a day..) Mike.
  • Someone mentions Saturday night live, or a stand-up comedy, (at the moment 'Chuck Norris' is all the rage at work..) Sevy.
  • I think about getting a new SIM card and using my mobile again, Tim C.
  • I really get an urge to play World of Warcraft, Stu.
  • I see a camera crew in Robson Street (at least every second day..) Pao.
  • I'm flicking channels and I see the UPN logo, or see an ad for Veronica Mars, Luke.
  • I have to go to an ATM, or pay for something.. anything.. Phil.
  • I start cooking, wash my clothes, or see the phone, mum.
  • I think of mum, Nick.
  • I go for a walk, or start thinking about something too much, or I see a crazy ad on TV, Dave.
  • I go to a party or go clubbing, (or someone mentions a drinking game..), Amy, Tash, Laura and Simone..
  • I see that video clip at work of the octopus.. (it's a crappy song but the clip is awesome) Zach.
  • The computer I'm using screws up, or I hear someone at work say: 'Whatever!', Mimi. (And I often think of your friends when I'm sorting belts and accessories on the stands at work..)
  • Someone talks about a flash animation (namely 'rejected') or the Matrix.. the i.D.E.A gang. Ben, Mike, Shaun, Josh, Dusty..
  • I see the 'Wonder Woman' collectors edition at HMV (which I frequent at least once a week), or when I sit down to jot some ideas, or talk about films, Andy.
  • I see kids playing hockey in my street, Bean.
  • I see someone on a date, Tim McK.
Most, if not all of these things happen every day, so now you see that when I say 'I MISS YOU ALL!!' I mean it!
(And of course, you aren't restricted to one thought each. I just wrote the ones that happen most frequently to save space.. :p )
I hope summer is finishing up well for everyone, and I hope I cross your minds every now and then too!


edit: Ok, obviously I can't put everyone on the list, apologies if you don't see your name here! But if I know you, and you're reading this, chances are I'm thinkin of ya too.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Day of pennies...

So today, I kept finding pennies.
I found three pennies through the course of my shift today, I kept picking them up and putting them on the sales counter. I mean, what do you do with a penny? Put it in your pocket? Not unless you wanna look like a completely desperate stinge.. So I put these three pennies on the counter.
After my shift ends, I'm walking home and decide to go into subway to buy a bottle of water, and it just so happens that I'm exactly 3 pennies short.


So I short changed the girl, she didn't mind too much, I got my bottle of water, and leave.
Of course, I get off the bus, start walking home and take a swig, and a torrential downpour begins. I lower the bottle from my lips and look somewhat ironically at the sky.. This bottle cost me $2.00?
Life is indeed a box of chocolates. All melted, and those ones with the caramel inside are always too hard to chew properly for a minute or two until they heat up. Also the swirls on the top are interesting.

Jimzip :D

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Better things coming..

So tonight I gave up.
I gave in. Admitted defeat finally.. and ordered take out.
And let me tell you, the only thing worse than finding food in your hair, is finding hair in your food.. Yeah.

Anyway, in other news, today I wrote up my letter of resignation for American Eagle. I'm actually really upset about leaving, granted I've only been there a month, the people there have been awesome, and though it was tiring, it was fun.
Now I'm looking forward to this promotions job Thursday night, unless I can't get out of Thursday's shift. I'm still an AE employee for another week or so after all.

And now, the weather.
Deliciously northern winds prevailing easterly, and a triple-decker ice-cream cake are due over the next few days, let's hope the temperature doesn't get too high!

Ok. I got nuthin..
Here's a photo of some homogenised milk to keep you all entertained..

Jimzip :D

Friday, March 3, 2006

Pub night, photos, and work.

So last night was pub night.
At about 8:00 I left home and made my way down the street to the Wolf and Hound, a traditional Irish pub nearby, where Celtic music wofting cheerily through the homey little establishment is played three nights a week by local enthusiasts. It's really quite cool to listen to.
It started out as just six of us, two girls I hadn't yet met were there also. And after an hour or so three more guys turned up.
As it turned out, one of the girls I was speaking to found out that I was interested in promotions, (or, she thought I was) and offered me a small job next week promoting beer Downtown. I said 'sounds great!', and I'm not exactly sure why.. (Something about me and two Black Russians I think..) Anyway it could be fun, and if I like it maybe there'll be more work for me.
In the meantime however, I'm annoyed to say, I'm searching for another job. Now don't get me wrong, American Eagle is good fun, and the people are great..
Ok, do get me wrong the pay is crap, and at current I can't survive on what I'm earning there, especially with the hours I'm putting in. So the only options are to get another job on top (hahah..) or ditch it and find something else. Much as I hate to do that.

And that leads me promptly to the subject of photos!
So here are a couple more shots (and a movie* of me somewhat clumsily boarding..) from whistler, enjoy!

Now I'm off to work! O_o


*Some users reported system-freezes when playing this movie. To be safe, close anything important before you open it. Cheers.

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