Monday, March 16, 2009

Smog, Clarity, & The Return To Rain


"Good evening folks, welcome aboard United Airlines flight 2291 from Los Angeles to Vancouver. We'll be getting underway in just a moment which puts us right on time for departure at 8:15pm. Flight time tonight is two-hours and fifteen minutes."

By this time my head was hammering.

Good God - how could two Tylenol not have worked? I mean, there was enough acitomenophen in those pills to tranquilize a bull elephant, yet the headache remained. It was an unceremonious end to an incredibly enjoyable week, and indeed I kept thinking it might have been Shiva's way of letting me know how jealous she was of the fact that I got to go to Disneyland and she didn't.

This little unpleasantness notwithstanding, I stayed awake for a short while as I tried to jot down memorable phrases picked up during the course of the week, none of which will be funny to anyone but Timothy or myself.

Either way, the trip itself went thus:

We began in Vancouver on Sunday where Tim rented a U-Haul, and after picking up the artwork from The L Word prop warehouses we were off to the highway. (The artwork being the reason for the trip FYI).

The first three days were filled with beautiful scenery, so many different weather patterns that even Melbourne was put to shame, and quaint (oft bizarre) towns and counties where people were either too friendly, or too quaint or bizarre to talk to you.

We passed through Washington, Oregon, and finally into California, where Arnold's voice echoed around every treacherous and rocky bend, luring us towards the smog surrounding the big city of Los Angeles. We spent a night and (almost) a day in San Francisco, one of the most beautiful cities I've seen, and finally arrived in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning.

Our mission completed, artwork safely delivered, Tim & I went sightseeing, Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard et al. We were incredibly lucky with the weather too - the moment we entered Cali we were blessed with blue skies and sunshine - and Thursday we hit the fabled Disneyland for a day and night at the resort. For some reason I enjoyed the place even more now than I did when I was younger, it really is quite an incredible production. From entry to exit, those guys have the whole experience down pat.

Friday night finally rolled around, and after a day walking around Santa Monica we were ready to fly home. Thus, a successful journey. No heads bitten off, no dramas or tragedies, just good old fashioned fun. It's raining in Vancouver now, but the break will keep me warm for a while yet.


8 thoughts are now mine:

Meghan said...

Advil is ibuprofen, Tylenol is acetaminophen.

Fun road trip!

Jimzip said...

Hahah. You cheeky thing. Fine! I'll make the change. ;)

Jimzip :D

Luke said...

I'm so jealous! I love disneyland! (Well any theme parks really.) Oh and if you can get excedrin tablets over there, I recommend them. (My mum always gets people to bring them back from the US because they work so good - think they may be illegal here...) But yeah, they've got like the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee in them I think, so your headache's gone and you're suddenly hyper! (Plus, they have a little E imprinted on the tablet - always thought I could earn some easy money selling them at a rave!) ;)

Dale said...

Now Luke I've met your mum so I know she wouldn't be peddling illicit drugs, but if I didn't know better... :P

James, sounds very pleasant indeed! One day I'd love to go to Disneyland... It's reassuring that I'm not yet too old!

There's something about a road trip isn't there? It's the stuff of life.

captcha: "tring"
(how melodical!)

Jimzip said...

Luke, I'm frightened at your knowledge of this fabled substance ... alas! No Excedrin in sight, so next time I guess. ;)

Dale, Disneyland is the only place I know of where you still feel like a kid no matter how old you are. Indeed, it's now that I'm older that I realise how amazing the place really is. When you're a kid you don't really appreciate it, you're just thinking about the rides at a hundred miles an hour.

Either way, yes, road trips are the stuff of life. Yay that!

Jimzip :D

Jimzip said...

Quick note!

Thanks for the emails, I realise the quicktime movie on the blog was causing issues for some peeps, this has been fixed. ;)

Jimzip :D

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

On a little sidenote: I once met a guy from vancouver and he complaint that it rains 300 days a year in Vancouver, is that actually true? :P

I am glad you enjoyed your trip and that the artwork arrived safely :D

Jimzip said...

@ The Man Who Knew Too Much

Yes, I've heard something like that too ... it seems to differ year-to-year, but so far the summers seem clear to me, and usually more than 65 days of clear too. :)

Jimzip :D

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