Thursday, August 25, 2005

Countdown over.

Things change.

So the timer is up. 1 month and 3 clues later, nobody guessed what the announcement was.
Fair enough, but regardless of how many people attempted to figure it out, you're now going to hear for yourself from the source, what's going on.

A couple of you knew that I was going traveling next year. Where, you weren't sure, overseas somewhere, maybe to Central America, maybe Japan, Scotland, Canada, they were all viable options. The news to those of you that knew this is that, yes, I am going traveling, and yes, of those aforementioned locations, I'm going to Canada.

However, I'm not going there for a holiday. I'm also not going there to trek either, despite my hopes of doing some solo adventuring.
So what am I doing? And what am I talking about? Well it's quite easy.

As of January next year, I will be leaving Melbourne, and moving to Canada to live.

Now, I'm sure this raises a heap of questions. They'll all be answered in time, but let's just say here that this isn't a decision I've made lightly, and that this is something that I've been thinking about for a long time.
It's also by no means a reason to fret. I'm not going to sever contact with anyone or forget anyone. I'm determined to keep close contact with everyone back here, the same as always, just via differnt mediums. Many of you know that I'm a tech-whore.. Which is probably a good thing seeing as you can read e-mails any time of the day and reply at leisure, and with video chats becoming more widespread and easy to initiate, I'm sure there'll be no problem keeping touch with everyone.
The length of my stay there depends on a number of things. I could be there for a year, I could be there for three, it's the only facet of the plans I haven't fully worked out yet. But I thought I should spill the beans now before it gets any closer to the end of the year.

So, there you have it, an explanation of many things. Over the next few months I'll be focused on finishing my degree, and after that, I'm all free.
It's gonna be one hell of a summer!

edit: For an explanation of the clues, check out Rob's blog.

Jimzip :D

Just hours to go..

With only hours left until the announcement, I'm going to give the biggest clue yet:

Jimzip :D

Monday, August 22, 2005


Ah ha.. So I'm having a bit of trouble at the moment intregrating this blog with my other one.. No problem, it's just that they won't merge any time soon. Maybe when I have a lot more time.. I dunno.
Anyhoo, check my other blog, for my normal rants 'n raves.


Jimzip :D

Gameboy micro?

Ok.. So this is kind of odd. Or rather, unexpected I should say.
Nintendo have added another wacky and zany (but undoubtedly cute) addition to their gaming arsenal, releasing the GameBoy micro, a 4 x 2" gaming console, almost smaller than many packs of gum.

Nintendo's ideal lately seems to be focussing not on the technologically whiz bang, such as improved performance, but rather, it seems to be focussing on gameplay, different ways of gaming, and new experiences, of which they hope their new console, the Nintendo "Revolution" will deliver.
The micro looks remniscent of the Game & Watch actually. But as for new and revolutionary experiences, it looks quite average, I think this is more of a fashion accessory than anything else. (Not that I'm complaining, it sure does look lickable..)
Maybe this year really is the year of mini and micro?

Jimzip :D

Thursday, August 18, 2005

What makes you smile?

Dropping puppies in buckets of water? Dancing to Aretha Franklin? Strolling through the park early on a warm summer morning?
What makes those 22 muscles lift your lips & flash your pearly whites?

They say it takes 22 muscles to smile, and 37 to frown, so really if you want to conserve energy, it's best to do nothing.. But for the purposes of this entry, it's up to you to say what the trigger is. Hey, it could be your Aunt Rosemary's Creme brulee! I don't know, but it's time to educate everyone.

Jimzip :D

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Countdown update..

This isn't a competition, this isn't an ad.. This is an announcement.
If you wanna take a crack at guessing what's happening, feel free to comment.. I've left a clue to make it easier. It's hidden in an ingenious place, though you may have to be familiar with digital imaging to find it..
Should be no problem for most of the people that visit here ;) .

Jimzip :D

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Postbox operational.

Hey everyone.
Today, I just wanted to tell you that The Postbox is now operational, and ready for action.
Click the link in the nav bar above and check it out!
The Postbox is a working journal of Jimzip Productions. It's where I'm going to be relaying information about everything I'm currently working on to you guys, and my uni lecturers. (Aik!)
However, feel free (like stated on the page) to comment on anything there. I'd love feedback on the project and how it's shaping up. Of course, I won't be giving anything away, but you'll be able to see sets and characters taking shape, as well as test animations and the like.

Jimzip :D

Saturday, August 6, 2005

How did this guy survive school?!

From 'The Age' newspaper, today's edition:

"HONG KONG. China is likely to formally charge detained Hong Kong journalist Ching Cheong with spying, a Hong Kong newspaper said.
Ching, the China correspondant for Singapore's 'Straits Times', will either be sentanced to prison or expelled from the mainland after being convicted..."

I mean, yes, you are entitled to name your child whatever you like.. But honestly, sometimes I wonder about parents..
We had a boy at my school named Micheal Jackson when I was still there. I thought that was somewhat cruel.
Give us a note about a peculiar or wacky name you've run into over the years, brownie points up for grab once more! (I should start a tally...)

Jimzip :D

Wednesday, August 3, 2005


Like many other sites recently, I will soon be making an announcement..
On the 25th of this month, something big this way comes.

Jimzip :D

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