Monday, October 12, 2009

... And The Winner Is ...

Well, 10 days, 10 entries, once again, fantastic-bloody odds really!

So! Who takes home (or rather, who gets sent to their home, lazy buggers!) an iPod nano?

Well first let's see who won this year's 2nd place prize, oh my yes! This year we introduced a runner-up prize pack. This is a mystery prize back that is (as advertised) guaranteed not to include the new Jonas Brothers album.

So! The winner of the mystery prize pack, and happy in the knowledge that the Jonas Brothers' newest tunes are not to be heard in their living room, is none other than: Luke D!

But don't tune out just yet! There was a first name drawn. This name holds the key to unlocking the locked lock of the unanswered and rather mystifying 'who wins the iPod Nano' question that was just asked!

And the answer is, the one and only: Rob!

That's all she wrote! Congrats to the two winners, and thanks so much to all those who joined in, I apologise on Lady Luck's behalf for those of you that didn't win, but remember, there's always next Rocktober.

Some interesting facts for you: On the day of the competition launch, over 80 visitors read the competition post. The next day, there were 40, and just over 20 visited the day afterward. Of all those visitors, only 10 entered the competition. This I find interesting, because it means to me that a) there are some serious lurkers on my blog, b) that (with the exception of 2 new commenters) everyone that entered is a (semi) regular here, and c) that it takes a lot to get people to comment in any case!

I dunno about you, but I'm heading off to have a sunshine-boogie-party and enjoy my wunderbra.

Still sounds creepy!

Peace all.


7 thoughts are now mine:

Jimzip said...

My apologies for delaying this post for so long, it wasn't intentional, the names were drawn on the morning of the 11th, and I never got a chance to write this post until now!

Thanks again all. :)

Jimzip :D

rbo said...

Hey, wait a minute, MY name is Rob! And this Rob never wins anything.. are we sure one of the lurkers didn't mysteriously enter using my name and info, and clever head-sponge of a brain, to develop and post the prize-winning (yet randomly selected) entry? Or has the universe finally decided to show a little favour to this here Rob.

Only time will tell. Or will it?

Luke Davidson said...

Hmm, did I win second place or not? Because there's other Luke who has his blogger name as 'Luke!'. So, I guess he won, as you said the winner was 'Luke!'.

Curse my name's understated nature/lack of an exclamation!

Hmm, or did I win and it was just the sentence that had an exclamation point at the end? I can pretend that makes sense... otherwise if 'Luke!' won, the sentence would have ended: 'Luke!!' or 'Luke!.'

Confused? :)

Luke! said...

I am confused too! Did I win or did Luke D win!? :P

Jimzip said...

Oh! Sorry about the confusion there, I don't know how that happened. (I am ashamed!)

In any case, the card that was drawn does indeed say 'Luke D'.

Sorry for the confusion there Lukes!

May I also take this opportunity to correct my statement in the post. 10 people entered, not 9. Be assured that everyone was counted, and everyone entered, but that my late night announcement skills are somewhat lacking.

Jimzip :D

Luke Davidson said...

Woot! Sorry other Luke, but ever since I was a child I've always wanted to win something that was guranteed not to include the new Jonas Brothers album. :)

Luke! said...

It's ok. I'll just borrow it off you, and never return it :P

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