Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hippies, Zombies, Diners and Deletion

So me and the 'Delete' button got all cosy today. The most recent addition to the Hurst Mystery was pulled in part because I really didn't think it was up to scratch. It might reappear in another shape or form in the near future, I haven't decided yet.

In other news, y'know what's weird?

I do.

It's waking up on a Saturday morning and going for a pleasant, seaside bike ride, then discovering all of a sudden that you're cycling among the living dead... yeah. Today in Vancouver was the third annual zombie walk, (also known as the zombie-shuffle, or as I like to call it, the politician's-parade). It's so darned cool I just have to take part in the next one, but seeing as it's an annual thing, I might be waiting a while. Basically, for those that aren't familiar with politician-parades, a bunch of people gather at one place, moan and groan, then shuffle quietly off to somewhere else (still moaning and groaning mind you), ending up at a cemetery or some other place of undead significance, getting very little accomplished but managing to garner the attention of many an unprepared citizen.

I'm still seeing people splattered with blood, limbs hanging limp at sides and brains half-showing through severed scalps now as I sit in the 'Moderne Burger', a diner on Broadway. I ended up here after my bike ride because, well after seeing flesh-wounds and all that jazz, who wouldn't feel like a nice juicy burger?

I didn't think things could get any more fun today either, but apparently it's Hippie Daze here in Kitsilano as well. Songs from The Beatles and Mack Rice (Oh Mustang Sally, when are you going to slow your mustang down?) are wafting through the air as I write, luring me towards the slew of vintage cars, tie-dyed t-shirts and a hate-free spirit. Yes, we'll see about that.

What else is new? Last night a friend and I attended One Cool Word Magazine's Summer release party! Great fun, except for the hippie band that performed which I don't think would even fit in with the aforementioned festival's line-up. They were... different, in that way that makes you stand, head cocked and eyebrows raised thinking: "I didn't think four people on eclectic instruments playing a bizarre cacophony of discord could be this different.".

Anyway, I have to finish this burger and get out of here, four hungry undead have just walked in... - oh wait, no they're just hippies.

Until next we meet, dear reader!

Jimzip :D

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So I opened my inbox this morning - as one is wont to do - to discover I had an email from someone I'd never heard of before! That in itself isn't the interesting part (although she was very pleasant!), the interesting thing about it is that instead of trying to sell me Cat Clothing™ or some bizarre brand of stimulants, it was to let me know that has been featured on the wpdfd!

You can check out the article titled 'Bland and Grand Web Designs' here.
Super happy that I wasn't on the former list! :)

Jimzip :D

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fireworks, Friends, Flames, and Futility.

Alliteration is my friend... apparently.

So! What have I been up to that's put the posting on hold the last two weeks? Friends from Australia and England, celebrations, work, Batman, pubs, clubs, street-fairs, and of course, walrus riding.

In all honesty, I slept most of today. I was actually up at 6:00am, off to the bakery for breakfast, read a little, wrote a little, then back home where I learned that it's futile to try and read curled up by the bed in sunlight. I crashed and didn't get out of bed again until two. I blame cornish game hens.

The atmosphere in this city has been crazy lately. Firstly the Celebration of Light took place, a spectacular four night fireworks show spread across two weeks, where three countries 'compete' by setting their pyrotechnics to some kind of score or soundtrack. People gather in the hundreds of thousands across Vancouver's various shorelines with radios and blankets to watch it. The finale was on Saturday night, which combines a little of all three competitors' shows, and I had the pleasure of spending the evening with some mates from the North Shore, an old school buddy & his friends who were in Vancouver as part of a travel thingamy, and a couple that were waaaay more interested in face-mashing than the colourful spectacle in front of them.

Not only was this weekend the finale of the Celebration of Light, it was also pride weekend. Downtown was basically inaccessible for the parade on Sunday. Great fun - much sunburn, much mental scarring - but great fun.

It was also British Columbia's 150th birthday long weekend. So as well as the hundreds of thousands of people the gathered for the fireworks and pride celebrations, Monday was (thankfully) a day off; I think most of the city (and I) needed it to recover.

Tonight it was off to dinner and the movies with some other friends to see the new Batman.
Now straight off the bat (forgive the pun), it takes a lot to get me into a movie, and a lot for me to actually like one after it's finished. I really enjoyed this movie. Not going to spoil it or give any preconceptions, but Heath Ledger's performance was golden. Only thing that annoyed me (and this is kinda nitpicky) was Christian Bale's Batman voice. Bruce Wayne = awesome, Batman voice = not so awesome. But each to their own.

That's all for now. Said posts are still coming, I'm just waiting for a moment to put finger to keyboard - to speak in modern terms - and for some BBQ sauce to arrive.

Jimzip :D

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Play. Pause.

Still alive! I've logged a monumentally large amount of hours at work lately, and life outside that bubble is hectic. For those that have blogs, I'll be visiting soon :), and I've got two posts cooking but they won't be up for a couple of days yet. In the meantime, here's some phrases that have been flying around in my head recently. I'd like to know which one you like more and why! Choose one and comment on what it brought to mind. Think of this as a small psychology project. (The prize for most engaging answer is a mute dwarf.)
Here we go:

a) Even the most patient man can crack under the dead weight of idiocy.
b) There's no time like the present, and the only present you'll never get, is time.
c) To be different, one must identify the current norm and do all they can to avoid it.

Cheers all!

Jimzip :D

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