Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Whistler, weather, and the great countdown..


Someone handily requested that I put up a countdown timer to show when I'll be home. So I did just that..

(Yes it's damned ugly... but what do I care, you asked for it..)

In other news, Whistler was awesome. Not too much snow at the base of the mountain, but the upper half was perfect. Beautiful powder and generally great weather the whole weekend, me and Sean (who came all the way from Seattle to come with) went up really early Saturday morning (5 o'clock to be precise..) and rented all our stuff for the day when we got there.
We were up on the slopes by about 11. It was interesting really, it was our second day of snowboarding ever, both of us, but by the end of the day (after numerous stacks) I could tell we were both really getting the hang of it.
The next morning we both ached like we'd been tossed into a dryer, but I can almost move my arms again now so all is well..
Pics are coming, but I'm waiting for Sean to post them cause I didn't get any on the mountain, only around the village & stuff.

What else.. Ah! Of course, there's always drama. Because of the constant rain we've been getting here for the last couple of weeks, the city's water supply is full of sediment, and nobody can drink it. (Apparently the heavier-than-normal rainfall was caused by that tsunami that hit Japan a few days ago. Repercussions... gotta love em.. )
Funny really, considering this city gets probably the most rainfall of any city in the world.. Seriously, last winter it rained for almost a solid three months. I arrived shortly after it finished, but still.. I don't know how they weren't prepared.. I suppose you have to be prepared for anything when you're in a country that named their currency the 'loonie'..

Anyhow, I've got twenty-three seconds to deal with a certain megalomaniac canine mastermind that's sitting in my doorway taunting me with threats of mass destruction if I don't hand over my weather-control machine.. Sigh.. I'll have to stop here, but I'll be talking to you all very soon, oh and apologies if you got caught in that above mentioned tsunami.. I was tweaking the settings on the global-refractory-unit and- oh never mind..

Wots of wove.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tickets booked. Bags packed.

Alright.. Perhaps it's a little early to be writing a title like that..
Especially when I've still just over half a month before I depart the land of the tuque.
Nevertheless, I've begun packing up my bedroom, sorting things into two distinct piles. The 'I think I can leave these here' pile, and the 'There's no way in hell I'm leaving Canada without that' pile, which just happens to include among other novelties, my passport, and a copy of, 'Surviving Boredom: How to stay sane on plane trips longer than 10 hours.'. (Advice such as how to talk hosts and hostesses into giving you extra packets of nuts'n'nibbles, and how to consume your body weight in liquor are well explained and contain easy-to-follow illustrated instructions.)

Speaking of which, anyone been watching Heroes?
I hear it's all the rage lately, some friends of mine that don't even like sci-fi are into it.. I haven't had the pleasure of catching an episode yet though. If anyone out there has advice on whether I should invest a precious hour of my time on the pilot, please let me know.

Finally, in other news, I believe this weekend I'll be heading up to Whistler..
Exciting? Yes!
I'm sitting in Blenz Coffee at the moment, staring with a somewhat troubled, and slightly curious expression at the rain hitting the sidewalk, and remembering the glimpse of snowcapped peak I caught on the bus ride downtown this morning.. Though everyone here hates me saying it, I wish it was snowing in Vancouver now.. It would just be that much cooler.. and I mean cooler as in neato, wicked, wizard, etc, not cooler as in cold. Let's put that out in the open right now..

So, with only 435 hours until I get on the plane, I bid thee all a good day! Woohoo!

Jimzip :D

Thursday, November 9, 2006

I am Dawson.

What a week.
Once again, I went to Washington for the weekend. This time I spent a lot of it working unfortunately, but still had a great couple of days.
Seattle is really very similar to Vancouver, once you get past the fact that it's in a different country.. with different people.. and set out differently.. and.. ok they're very different. Whatever you get the point they're both on the ocean.

Anyway Saturday night saw a bunch of the Seattlians and myself going to see 'Borat' at a Cinemaplex in Bellvue (a very upscale part of Washington), and let me tell you.. wow.. just wow.
That movie is insane, and let it be known henceforth, that I am desensitized to everything..
Luckily I was somewhat prepared for what I saw, because I've watched a lot of Borat's skits online.. But still. Don't take your mother to see this film!!! (Or your uncle, aunt, younger siblings.. In fact, it's best if you just go with friends..)

Anyway, on returning to Vancouver late Sunday night, I discovered I had a new roomie.
Everyone say hi to Reece. (Ok he can't hear you.. actually he and I have only talked once and it was limited to around 30 seconds.. we're like *this* (crosses fingers).. )
I don't know much about him except he's going to Jamaica in about 2 days.. Lucky him!
I don't get to go to Jamaica, but I did go to a nice little Greek restaurant for dinner last night. Which leads me inexorably to the title of this post.

While sitting at dinner, I happened by chance to notice on more than one occasion, that the table of three next to me was staring quite obviously in my direction.
Not knowing if I had food on my face or if they were just in awe of my elaborately coiffed hairdo, I ignored them for a little while and continued sketching away on my sketch book.
After a few more minutes of glance-tag I was getting tired, and decided to glare very obviously at the guy closest, not in a nasty, Glenn Close sneer way, just a Justin Long spaced out way.
The guy noticed, gave a smile, and then said: "Hey.. Are you the guy from Dawson's Creek?"

Uh.. What?

I didn't answer right away. I spent a second or two thinking.. What are the possibilities I could run with at the moment, what evil insidious plot could I engineer from this situation.. How could I bend these people's will to gain control of the planet?
Realising that once again my plans of world domination had clouded my vision, I quickly replied that I didn't know whether to be complimented or offended. To which the four of us laughed.
I still didn't give an answer though.
I waited until they got up from finishing their meals, then as they left, I turned on a faux American accent, smiled at the guy and said, "Have a good one." and as they turned around to glance back, I added, "and hey, thanks for watching."

Jimzip :D

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