Friday, September 18, 2009

Finding Equilibrium

Ok, so I had to share a very amusing website with you today.

Briefly, one of the main problems with online language translators is that they don't understand context, which is, y'know, kind of a biggie with languages. There are fabulous algorithms developed by companies like Google which aim to provide accurate results, but there's always a chance your meaning will get lost, or your message garbled in the process because tongues are, well, just that complex.

In that light, someone decided to make a tool that aimed to show just how messages can become mangled nonsense, and it really is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.

Dubbed: 'Translation Party' - which I can only assume was a result of them trying to use their own tool to come up with a title - the site allows you to input a single phrase or sentence, and translates it between English and Japanese until it finds 'equilibrium' (ie. the text translates identically in both languages). It's simple, but that's all it takes for hilarity to ensue.

Here are a couple I did to test it out:

Once more into the breech, dear sir!
Break that horrid, cursed clock you fool!

Post your results in the comments so we can all share a laugh. Enjoy!


5 thoughts are now mine:

Jimzip said...

Just so you know, a short while after I posted this, the site stopped working ... haha. Guess it was popular today?

Jimzip :D

Luke said...

Haha, it's working again. Cool site, your translations were funny. I tried: Use the force Luke. and ended up with: Use the force Luke. Yes, clearly with some things there is no language barrier. :)

Dale said...

"Wicked and Lost in the Emerald City"


"Emerald and the lost city of evil"

Kinda cool. :)

Ed said...

"Love is in the air, every where I look around"


"Looking for love in the world of air"

I think it's the next Studio Ghibli film...

Jimzip said...

lol. Amazing. Good to see it's working again!

Luke, it makes an absolute shambles out of multiple adjectives. So: 'Use the force wildly and uncontrollably Luke!' would probably get you something marginally better ... (Just for kicks, that particular sentence yields:"Using wild uncontrollable force Luke!" X) Good times.

Dale, I think yours sounds like the Studio Ghibli title! Ed, your one is more of a John Mayer song... ;p

Jimzip :D

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