Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Open Road

What would you say if, out of the blue, a mate called you up and requested your join him for a road-trip to LA?

If you were me, you'd do the Mary Tyler Moore leap, then ask for the time off. Sure freezing in mid-air was a little awkward in the middle of the office, but luckily I have the background music down pat, so nobody noticed.

Why the sudden border-hop?

Well it turns out that a friend of mine worked on a TV show that was shot in Vancouver, and when said production ended recently, one of the cast members called him & asked if he could return some of her belongings. Simple enough, oui? Well, sure. But: 1) The cast member lives in LA. b) Couriers from Vancouver to LA are pricey. 4) The Saichen Glacier is still being fought over by India and Pakistan.

Luckily, both 1 and b can be solved simply. We hire a van and drive the goods down to her ourselves, (4 is still fuzzy, I'm talking to India & Pakistan on Monday about settling the dispute over a game of spoons). Meanwhile, she's agreed to foot the costs associated with getting it down there, all that's left for Tim and I to do is find a flight back on Friday, which we did, and figure out what we're doing in the City of Angels for three days (hellooooo Disneyland!). Pretty slick deal.

But there you have it. Tomorrow morning Tim and I jump into a U-Haul, and head down the West Coast, cargo in tow, iPods loaded, off into a world of star-spangled adventure for a week.

With any luck, I'll be able to document the journey on this here blogamajig. So stay tuned!


2 thoughts are now mine:

Luke said...

Woo! Road trip! Sounds fun. And oh, celebrity cast member, how did this copy of the Frontier script get in your luggage? How odd. ;)

Jimzip said...

Hahaha. What a mystery!

Jimzip :D

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