Friday, February 27, 2009

I'll Sleep On It

Hmm... that update is on the way. A couple of problems hindered me posting it today including the fact that my laptop has given out, I've lost my headphones (my Bose headphones ... ouch) and someone said they didn't like my flannel shirt. Bah!

Stay tuned. :)

Jimzip :D

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vi Kommer Alltid Att Ha Paris

I was struck by a thought today. That if magnets weren't so prevalent in our civilization, there'd be no maglev trains in Japan, and if there were no maglev trains in Japan, there'd be a lot more noise coming from their tracks ... annoying, high-pitched noise, the kind that makes you go 'mmmm... that's frustrating".

Ok, it's not quite quite as profound as I made it out to be. This post is actually just to mention that I have been busy behind the scenes and will have a couple of announcements soon. Announcements that make you go 'mmmm... that's agreeable".

Jimzip :D

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