Friday, October 5, 2007


So, based on my inability to keep a regulated schedule for blogging of late, I'm calling a hiatus.

'Why?' You ask.
'This is my absolute bestest avenue for entertainment!' I hear you call! (Then realise I'm probably way over my head with that statement, and that anyone that says 'bestest' probably doesn't read my blog...)

Briefly - the reason for this 'lacuna' is that I have a lot of work to do, there's a whole bundle of tasks on my to-do list that I have to wipe out of the way before this year is out, and thus - regrettably, I'm shaving off a few tasks I usually undertake but which take up a lot of time... yes, blogging takes a lot of time for me, lovingly crafting every syllable and ellipse that appears on the page.

Anyway, check back whenever you can, the posts will begin when I've got the time to start writing again, and once I begin again, I'll be posting regularly. Until then, rest assured I'll continue to read (and comment) on your blogs.
Lastly before I disappear I would love to direct your attention to some very talented writers, artists and pavlovian theologists, whose works you can reach from the links in my sidebar (to the right). There's plenty of good-readin' and wham-bangling to be had. (Seriously though check them out..)

Thanks for following along thus far, cheerio and peace all! See you soon!

Jimzip :D

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