Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stop Right There ...

There was once a group of girls who became somewhat famous. They had big hair, big shoes and big attitude, but those crazy gogo bunnies weren't exactly philosophers.

It should be noted however, that they had moments of brilliance. One in particular was the line: "Hey you, always on the run, gotta slow it down baby gotta have some fun." I think. One reason is because it can be applied to most aspects of life in a poor-excuse for a tie-in, and the other is because - well it's just so darned catchy.

Unfortunately that same line was also said while wearing skin-tight rubber, but that aside, I have indeed found that it's applicable here. See there's one thing I've learnt about this town, it's that you really should stop, and take a look around every twenty steps or so, or you will miss something. (Needing a Human Touch is also up there, but I'm more of a 'pause and sniff the roses' kinda guy.)

I suppose it comes from the city being, y'know almost 800 years old, but the architecture and skyline are really enough to keep you amused all by themselves. I honestly believe you really wouldn't need to pay to go sightseeing here as long as you walked down the right streets.

Of course, I'm a big geek, and would be happy to stand staring at the alignment of grouting if given the time. But I think Stockholm has indeed got something fascinating about it.

Apart from amazing architecture, this city is also a history-buff's dream. There are enough museums to sink a ship, and one museum precisely for a sunken ship, strangely enough.

I imagine that I've only seen half the fun too. See as nice as it is here, it's still winter, and winter means cloudy, slushy, wet-pant-hemmed unpleasantness. Also there's not a green-leaf to be seen, which is kinda blah. The nightlife is still quite good too, but I really am looking forward to seeing the city in it's 'true colours' in a few months.

Anyway, enough gushing, it's update time!

So I officially quit my job about a week ago. I'm working the last few shifts, and then I'm free to roam once more, some cash in the pocket and some kind of moving vehicle ticket in hand. Should be fun times.

The situation with my apartment continues to be a bizarre twist in an otherwise pleasant story. I discovered this morning that my roomies don't bother using the shower curtain when they 'duscha', and unfortunately I discovered it while in my socks. Not a nice way to wake up. 

At least my landlord isn't sleeping in the cupboard anymore. Indeed, he seems to have vanished into some nether-realm which I can only assume he gains access to through a gateway behind the refrigerator. It's the only part of the house I dare not venture thanks to a prevalence of foam-based sleeping stuffs strewn behind the sail-boat canvas he uses to block it off.

Good times.

Anyway, I think I'm late for work now, so I'll away. But thank you for reading dear friends, and catch you again soon!

Jimzip :D

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Luke Davidson said...

Haha, ahhhh the spice girls. Another lyric that always confused me was how they always wanted their lover to be 'getting' with their friends. Hmmm, odd, no?

Those photos look great. And I had fun 'translating' duscha into various meanings. (Ok, I'm assuming it means shower, but I prefer 'Dinner party') :)

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