Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Ok, so I'm taking a brief departure from my usual ramblings to ask a question of you all today. (It'll be both fun and educational, don't worry)!

Not ten days ago, my lovely cousins came to visit. They're great fun, hailing from beach/party/goose-town (i.e Sydney, NSW. I don't know how the goose comes into it) and during the three days they were here we hung out more than we have in a long time.

It was during this stay that I realised how much I didn't know about them. It turns out my cousin and I are remarkably similar, but I never knew it until now. Not to say I'm as intelligent as she is, I don't think that's true - she's really very clever - but in terms of interests we seem to align startlingly.

So! In the spirit of getting to know people better, I want to ask a question, and thou must answer to the best of thine abilities! Simply write the 5 things that interest you strongly, and why. No essay required, just a few words.

To get the ball rolling, here's 5 of mine:

History. I missed it at school as I swapped twice. I've been trying to learn what I missed back then, and have found I really love history. I feel that stories are intrinsically human, we have - and will always have - a strong connection with them, and history is one great big, impossibly complex, rather gruesome but sometimes also very beautiful story which tells us so much about who we are now.

Archaeology. They kinda go hand in hand. ;) But more than an interest in just the impressive, colossal pyramids or ancient cities, I love the small things too, I love the thought of piecing stories together from all types of discoveries, from pottery shards in river beds, to spearheads in the desert. I'm always impressed at how those in the field can read so much from things so small. Be it European, Middle-Eastern, or Meso-American, 90% of the time, it works every time for me.

Languages. This is kind of a common one, but if I could, I'd spend the next twenty years just studying them. Unfortunately I have a rather dissuading problem with retention, but am still fascinated by not just learning the languages themselves, but how they work and their roots. The way they develop is just as interesting to me as how to speak them. Unknown or lesser known languages really attract my attention too, something about the mystery I think.

Writing. Ah, the ever-obvious addition to the list. Of course, writing is up there with the love of entertaining. Favourite genres are probably drama/fantasy, but enough has been said about that by me already!

Music. Another obvious one. I know these are quite broad too, but yes, music is pretty amazing. Not just listening to it, but also the whole psychology aspect. I know that more than once I've fallen prey to the dreaded 'music brain' while writing! Singing also falls under this category - like I said, it's pretty broad! Favourite genres here are exotica, punk-rock, pop-punk/rock/alternate, classical and soundtracks.

There you have it! Your replies can be more specific if you wish, so don't be afraid to tell the world about your secret desire to study Hippopotamus droppings if that's what floats your boat!

In the voice of a slimy English aristocrat: I look forward to discovering more about you...


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