Monday, October 31, 2005

A strange thing..

So again, last night me and some mates went out.
It was a little wild, a little crazy. We ended up back at my place (6 of us) playing trashy music and performing our own renditions of Disney classics on the kitchen table whilst drinking the remains of my parent's Gin & Tonic.. Figure that out if you will.
Anyway, not one sighting of my elusive German friend, let's not say I spent most of the night searching among the seething mass of club-goers, let's just say that's exactly what I did..
Upsetting? Yeah, sure. But let's face it. Even when you think something was perfect in reality, it often isn't when you look at it in hindsight. After all it was only one night right? Usually you get over stuff like that within a few days. I'll get over it too.

Though, I still haven't changed my other pillow case..

Jimzip :D

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Life is a game.

One thing I've learnt, is that you should never write anything while listening to music.
Honestly, it's been proven that music changed the way your brain works, temporarily at least.
But, like an idjot, I'm doing it now, which is why I'm about to write what I'm writing.
So Thursday night, I was out with some friends, (oh and for reference, I'm currently listening to Dark Blue, from the Jack's Mannequin album, if you wanna get into the same mood as me) and I met someone.
We had the best night I've had in a long time. We left one place, went to another, danced, went and sat, talked, got along amazingly well, considering this person was from Germany and the language divide was clearly there.
Afterwards, we both crashed at my place, and the next morning we said goodbye. I didn't realise it at the time, but we didn't exchange numbers (I did give mine, but didn't get one in return because I feel I shouldn't pressure someone into giving details if they don't want to), we didn't give each other e-mail addresses, we didn't even have much of a talk.
I haven't had a message or anything yet, but I don't really mind. I said I'd be out Sunday night and said where I'd be, so if I get a call I'll be happy. If not, well I've had a great time and I can't ask for much more. Not to say that I don't want to meet again, I'd love nothing more.

Still, I wish I wasn't such a tool. Take a lesson from me, when exchanging numbers, no matter if it seems rude or not, get theirs too.

Jimzip :D

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The brilliance of the modern-day war mongers.

It boggles the mind.. It really does.
Austal, a western Australian ship builder, has just won a massive contract with the United States Navy, worth $300 million.
The ship builder will be creating the Austal-designed Litoral Combat Ship (LCS) for the US navy and it's partner, and will be receiving half of the value of the contract to do so. That's a *lot* of money.

Now, I'm no caimbridge engineering scholar, but purely from a design point-of-view, does no one see the problem inherrent in painting a $300m warship with jungle camouflage? ...

Jimzip :D

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Thanks to the kind folks at RMIT uni (and, no doubt, much complaining from the student body in general) the due date for my major project, has been extended..
That means two major things to me. Firstly, I'm now free to put in more effort, no shortening or submitting trailers for final submission and living in shame as my cleverly envisioned work never sees the light of day..
Secondly, I can now catch up on the last few night's sleep.. x_X

Jimzip :D

Thursday, October 6, 2005


Crikey.. Only 8 days to go! 8 days!
This is getting serious! (If it wasn't already..)
The work is still being poured out at an amazing rate, but there is still a long way to go.. Will 8 days be enough?

I say no..

However! There is always hope, and late, late nights of coffee-induced attentiveness left, which should be enough to get me through.
In other news, check out this man who believes that his pet fish is the anti-christ.. Great stuff.
That's all from me for today. Look forward to more intelligent and interesting blog entries coming soon!

Jimzip :D

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