Monday, January 10, 2011

Frangipani and Sea To Sky

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Every now and then, you're fortuitous enough to catch a photo that continues to blow your mind long after you upload it to your computer and back it up on a hard drive somewhere. I believe I was just so lucky when while hiking a mountain on an island recently (strange but true), I randomly reached out off the edge of the walking track and snapped a shot that bizarrely turned out nothing like I'd expected.

One of the backgrounds up for your downloading pleasure this week is 'Sea To Sky', and there's a fantastic feeling of lofty wonderment in this pic. When I took it, I was fully expecting the sky to be nothing but a sheer white blanket of nothingness, because at the time of the snap I had climbed above cloud-level and all I could see was white above and around the canopy. Upon seeing the photo however, I realised that the clouds had actually parted to reveal the incredible reef about a thousand feet below in a brief (and rather magical) moment. This is going to be a favourite of mine for a while to come. Check out the colour of that water!

The other image is somewhat more modest but is pleasant nonetheless. I think it's very calming actually, and to go with the theme of clouds, 'Frangipani' shows one of the most beautifully scented blooms in the world, saturated by a light mist that had been passing through the forest at the time. These two shots were taken a couple of days apart, and in different places. Neither has been altered save for resizing and the addition of the logo, just so you know. Incredible what nature throws our way!

Click here to find them. Enjoy!


2 thoughts are now mine:

Luke Davidson said...

They look amazing - where have you been holidaying!?

Jimzip said...

I can't say, it doesn't show up on maps and has a nasty habit of jumping around in space & time. X)

Heheh ok I wish, Lord Howe Island is the spot, it's out into the Pacific off the NSW coast. A pretty magical place despite the distinct lack of smoke monsters...

Jimzip :D

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