Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For You, The Fans - Part 3

Number 3 on the list of top 5 weird keywords and phrases may be the strangest yet. Goodness knows how this leads people to my blog, but indeed, searching for the term yields my blog as the first result.... Beware, for should ye travel 'round Scandinavia unguarded, you may indeed run astray, and meet the dreaded:
Britney Viking? That's just odd ... but honestly, if I saw a Britney Viking, I'd want to know how to fend her off.

3) Britney Viking - (124 hits in 2 months)

The first thing that hit me when I saw that 'britney viking' led people to my blog was laughter. The sheer amount of visits I receive from these words is in fact somehow funnier than the words themselves, but is testament to ... well just how many people would like to see Britney as a viking - I suppose.

Well, I can tell you one thing, I aim to deliver. It may not be exactly what you were expecting, but you probably won't forget it anytime soon either.

Reveal the Britney Viking, if you dare...

Part 4 coming soon.


5 thoughts are now mine:

Kyle said...

You are amazing.

Luke said...

Hahahaha! Ah, that's too funny! Hmmm, we should get cracking on a Britney Viking movie/tv show/musical because clearly it's what the fans are after.

Captcha: later. (Clearly the captcha system couldn't be bothered coming up for a funny word for me at this point in time).

Dale said...

*grins broadly*
That is extremely hilarious. :D

Patrick said...

Wow--I actually commented on that post you made one year ago! It was when you were travelling through Stockholm. It's good to see you're still here, I'm still here, Britney's still here... but sadly, the Vikings...


Tim Mc said...

Oh for the love of gods!!

I weild the almighty brush! lol She just gets hotter doesnt she.....egad!

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