Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fall, snow, and airports..

Yes, it's fall here in Vancouver, and for some reason I find it even more beautiful than Summer.
Why? Well for starters everything is bright. The air is clear, the leaves are various shades of red & yellow, and it's light early in the morning, with that gentle breeze.. You know the one I mean. I like that.

So! What's news?
Well the season finale of the Lemon Lime vodcast is in 2 episodes!
That's right, episode 15 will be the last of the year before winter really sets in here in BC and I start gearing up for my Return To Oz. (And if I hear one ruby slipper quip..)

Anyway, I'm hoping to get a bit of snow into my schedule before I have to come back down under.. I hear the snow usually starts near the end of November here, so that gives me one or two weeks of leeway to get up there and enjoy it. Then I'll be standing at YVR getting my passport stamped with a large red maple leaf under 'departure'.
The flight I'm hoping to book runs from Vancouver to Shanghai, and from there to Melbourne, so there'll be none of this 'globe hopping' I did on the way over here.
Y'know what's funny? When I was last at Whistler, the locals were telling me how woeful the season had been. Only 11 feet of snow at the highest. When I got there there was a base of 8 feet. I then explained that a good season at Falls Creek was usually in the area of 10-20cm.. That drew blanks, and one woman sitting nearby screamed and fainted.

Despite this wacky dance of the seasons up this half of the globe however, I'm looking forward to a hot Christmas, the smell of pine, warm summer nights. This whole 'White Christmas' thing just doesn't seem right, and I'm looking forward to some familiar scenery.

As much as I love it over here, I just keep feeling that there's no place like home.*

Jimzip :D

*If you thought this was corny, you have to buy my new book: 'There's nothing PUNNY about that!'. Find it wherever good books are sold!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The frat, John Mayer, and the onset of winter.

I'm not going to lie to you.

That rumour going around that I slept with Christina Aguilera is completely untrue. Except the part where we were singing karaoke together at 'Mel's Karaoke and Sushi!'.. That was fun..

Last weekend saw me going to my first ever frat party.. Honestly, I had an awesome time. It was everything I thought it would be.. But bigger.
I was invited by an old ex-American Eagle co-worker, (Kudos Ryan!) and headed out on Friday night with my friendly cab driver at around 10-ish. It was a blast, (until the cops broke it up because the party reached capacity.. and then another hundred or so..).
The whole thing was held out at UBC's DKE house, t-shirts saying things like "save a horse, ride a frat-boy" and a cage with a sign stating "Drunk Tank" with (unaware) girls dancing inside were prevalent, along with music, drinking, and people as far as the eye could see. A veritable ocean of students of having a good time, not too wild, and by all means 'I can't hear a word you're saying'-able. Good times.

Until the party was broken up, I was hanging out with a group of fun loving gals I ran into near the drunk tank, but who were, thankfully, not ready to be led into it themselves. Luckily I wasn't blind myself and so I had the sense to snap some pics, and also surprisingly hand out a couple of business cards so they could reach me and get the photos we took. The day after I saw at least 3 people on the bus that were at the party the night before, looking a little groggy and who in no way recognised me, but that's to be expected.. The people in the photos messaged me the next day and did remember who I was however..
Anyway a great night which I'm hoping is the first of many..
Photos ensue (and no explanation is necessary or going to happen..):

On a colder note. Winter is certainly kicking the crud out of Autumn here. Poor Fall never had a chance.. About 4 days ago the temperature dropped about 10 degrees and the clouds rolled across the mountains and blanketed the city in an ominous slate-grey. The weather forecast is set for rain, rain, clouds, rain, almost SUN!, and rain.. So yeah, I think I've seen the end of summer this year. And it was awesome.
Not like Melbourne where the weather is almost as if it's being controlled by an insane gameshow host with a bottle of rum in hand, spinning the weather wheel and cackling as every ten minutes as the climate goes bonkers and confuses the hell out of the schooled weathermen and confounded citizens.
Summer here is consistent. Sun, sun, sun, sun. That's an average four-day outlook.. Very refreshing really..

Finally, I managed to pick up John Mayer's new album, 'Continuum', and I remembered why I liked this artist so much in the first place. The album is awesome, (though Lissy will say otherwise..) a great balance of upbeat/downbeat, and really good melodies, very catchy.

Enjoy the pics, I think that's everything for now!
Catch ya soon!

Jimzip :D

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Enjoying life with a heartfelt yet wistful smile..

The title says it all.. I suppose.

So! What to tell you all.
I suppose I could tell you about the weekend.
The party that I was going to go to that was cancelled, the planetarium Laser show to Pink Floyd, my phone bill reaching record highs and my battle with the telecommunication giants, or the club I was booted from because I didn't have correct I.D..
All of those would be good stories, but I'd rather tell you about something else.
It's called: I can't wait to get home again.

Strange eh? Don't get me wrong, I love Vancouver, I'm loving every second of being here, (apart from the crazy roommates, punctured lungs, stolen wallets, etc etc) but it gets to a point where you really just want to go home and chill for a while.
I'm pretty sure it's just homesickness.. But seeing as I've never been away from home for so long I think that's ok.
That, and I can't throw parties or have friends over to my place. All of you that can do that are taking it for granted... FOR GRANTED!!

Uh.. Yeah anyway, I can't wait to get home and party with all you folk, to share stories about this and that, general banter if you will.. Sleep in my old bed for a little while, and catch up with everyone.
I hope there's some interesting tales to be told, and I hope I can actually fly back in time for Christmas!
Anyway, interesting storied like those above will be told, in time.
This Friday I'm heading to a frat party out at UBC.. Should be good times. We'll see, but regardless, you'll hear about what happens.
So! That's all from me. Not too exciting this week. But hey, without the bad blog entries, there'd be no good ones right?

Peace, love and mungbeans to yas all!

Jimzip :D

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