Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Temporary Disruption

It's been a strange few months for me, I'll put it that way. Having returned from Canada, then heading to Europe shortly after, and now back at home, it feels I've completed some strange journey, that credits will start rolling any second. Yet days tick by and I find myself working on a whole heap of projects, keeping busy and getting back into the swing of things.

The social aspect of being home has been wonderful, but I can't help that feel like the attempted hidden (but certainly present) introverted half has gained strength in my absence, kind of like Sauron would, but instead of orcs it uses rainy days, a rather cosy working space and ever-present herbal teas in the kitchen. I suppose that's what happens when you live alone for a few years. It was hard to start being social again, in fact. It sounds odd, but I'm a strange fellow who enjoys a little too much his own company sometimes. I've always thought that will be helpful when the zombie apocalypse comes and I have nothing but a sock and an old fridge magnet to talk to in my mountain shanty, but for now it's a constant battle to put down what I'm working on and actually go out. Sounds rather morose, I guess, but I'm perfectly happy. Just a little concerned about my direction at the moment.

Anyway enough about my trials and tribulations, 'Temporary Disruption' doesn't just apply to my emotional vagaries, no sir! There is other news.

The Adventure Outpost is still in development, I love it like a strange kind of digital child, and am still trying to find ways of launching it and keeping it level - as in, spending the least amount of money I can on it while making it worthwhile for others and of course myself. I think I've figured it out now, and will be working on that come January. But let's just say that it hasn't just been sitting discarded in a corner. It should be lovely when it's finally opened and I am very excited about the possibilities for it.

Also, will be down today and possibly tomorrow while I change my provider. I don't particularly like godaddy as it's an inconceivable mess, thus I'll be swapping over to the hosting service I use for everything else.

Finally, here's a great little tune from a Norwegian folkmusic trio. I'm not particularly into this kind of stuff usually, but I couldn't resist this album, it's just good ole' fashioned fun. Enjoy!

Download "A Heave & Ho, Just Watch Me Go" 4.4MB


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D_DAWG said...

Ahh I remember that hermit. But instead of Adventure Outpost, you'd be working on a Lightwave model, or a hand drawn comic. That said I know it happens in waves, so if you go underground, we'll see you when the sun comes back. :)

I checked out the tune, was very rainy day, pretty relaxing. I managed to trick Steve into thinking I was playing an MMO. He was way, WAY too excited..
haha the geek.

Jimzip said...

Hahah. Genius. X)

Jimzip :D

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