Sunday, January 31, 2010

Got Pixel?

Ok I lied.

But, this is a tiny entry, simply to let you know that a new feature of is now up and running. Yes, the fabled 'live image gallery' is now operational, and you can access it by clicking on the little gem in the sidebar. On your right.

This is a gallery of images uploaded live, that's right, as they happen! Exciting? I say yes! You may say otherwise, but it gives me a great chance to show rather than simply tell all the time. That's always a plus.

Just for those of you that are technically challenged however:

See a frequently updated gallery of snaps.



2 thoughts are now mine:

Luke Davidson said...

Ja, jag ar botad! ;)

Jimzip said...

Haha. Yeah that's become a favourite saying of mine. Although I really can't say it here because people actually understand what it means!

Jimzip :D

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