Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music!Some of you may have noticed that in the sidebar on the right, under the 'See what I'm listening to' image there's an oddly-titled link accompanied by a date and funny information next to it.

Well the explanation is quite simple. Not content to enjoy them all on my own, I've begun posting some marvellous tracks that I find somewhat awesome. Please feel free to right-click and 'Save As...' at your leisure to enjoy them yourself. I hope you discover something new!

Oh and don't be shy, if you find one absolutely horrid or splendiferously wonderful, please comment on the latest post and tell me so.


4 thoughts are now mine:

Jimzip said...

Ok, so I felt a little awkward giving such a light post a name with so much to live up to. But really, I think it's time someone cut it down a few pegs. ;)

Jimzip :D

Luke said...

Cool idea. Been looking to find some new music to listen to. :) Do you pay to use last.fm?

warwickmac said...

Hey Jimmy! I checked out your new and improved website and it is so awesome! I love the tiki artwork, is that gold token from pirates of the caribbean? What new things are coming to the cinema section soon??

Jimzip said...

Luke: Pay!? Oh my no!

To be truthful, I used to pay for Pandora, but since that got axed I flipped back to my trusty old iTunes library. I actually don't use last.fm's radio to listen to music at all. My account there is basically just a live-list of what I've been listening to in iTunes. I've got a great little app that runs in the background of my iPhone and compy which scrobbles all my plays to it. Thus, you can see what I'm listening to as it happens. Kinda neat! (Called iScrobbler btw)

Hey Waz! You signed up for an account just to comment on my blog!? Aww. Haha, thanky! It's nice to hear people like it!

The medallion is one I bought on International Talk Like A Pirate Day (Sept 19th every year people!) last year- ... um, I mean what am I talking about! It's cursed treasure from the mediterranean sea... yes.

Jimzip :D

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