Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hello from James in Canada.

So, this week has been rather hectic I must say.
I've been trying to balance my life and work, (Oh, I got a new job a couple of weeks ago btw..) and finding that it's increasingly difficult to do.. Partially why I've now changed to part-time, which leads me neatly onto the topic of CD's.
Since I've been here, I've realised that CD's are just so much cheaper than in Australia.. I can get CD's here for $12, whereas the same one back home is $30.. Even after the exchange rate, I have to admit that kicks royal taucus..
So I've incidentally been creating a huge stockpile of CD's in my room.. I'm fine with that, but now I have nowhere to put them..
Maybe I should buy a CD stacker.. Or hide them in air-vents around the house..
Anyway, no real news today. Just thought I'd touch base. See how you're all doing..
I've just e-mailed two Japanese girls I met on the bus about a month ago, I just want to see if they remember who I am. I mean, they took about 12 photos on that single bus ride (not of me..), but they might remember me anyway. I titled the message: 'Hello from James in Canada" so perhaps if the photo fails the header won't..
Firstly, they took one of me, then another of me, then I got out my camera and took one of them..
This is what it looked like..
We shall see if they reply! I'll keep you posted. ;)


Jimzip :D

Friday, April 21, 2006

Canadian customs, and a list thereof.

You know, I discovered a few things really quickly when I arrived in Vancouver.
Not only do the people often attatch "ey?" to the end of sentences, but there are also hundreds of little things which one should really be informed of before arriving.
I personally feel that a law should be imposed forcing all foreigners to read and sign a form which outlines all local and national customs before landing here.. At least the main ones.. Cause it would just be handy to know ey?
Anyway, so in an attempt to lift awareness and promote understanding, here's my list of things you should know before arriving in CA. Presented by David Attenborogh in association with the BBC..

1. Do take your shoes off when entering someone's house. It's basically an unwritten and unspoken law, but it's seriously uncool to keep your shoes on when you go into someone's place..

2. Tip. By the Beard of Zeus, tip at restaurants, cafes, laundromats, anywhere.. (As mentioned in: Keep the Five below.) Not only is it bad karma to not tip, but you will be cast out of most establishments, stoned, and most likely not allowed back if you neglect to do this.. 10% is normal, and 15% is for good service, or when you have spare poo-change*.

3. Selectively put "ey?" at the end of sentances. Not only will you sound more suave, but you are guaranteed to fit in better. That's right, your social status will indeed be elevated by including this simple grammatical oddity in many cases. (Warning, misuse may cause mocking, jeering, and exclusion from groups.)

4. For the love of god don't badmouth hockey. You just really don't want to do that. If someone asks you what you thought about Vancouver losing 2-4 to Calgary, frown, frown deep and say that you're disappointed but you know Vancouver will come back strong.. (If it's the finals, say they'll come back strong next year..) Or that they just need to make a few adjustments to their lineup..

5. Finally, for Australians. When traveling to Canada, please B.Y.O Vegemite and Milo.. Kraft have stopped production of Vegemite over here, and the Milo is a truly terrible gastronomical experience compared to Aussie Milo.. It's like.. just.. not right..

So that's that! I'm sure there's more, but to tell the truth, I had a big night last night and I can't be bothered writing any more, so I'm going to put a couple of pictures up, and sign off.

Firstly, a picture I found most intriguing. A packet of wasabi peas.. Nothing unusual about that I suppose, but look closer.. (To look closer click on the image).
The package reads: 'A Happy Present From The Earth'
How happy is this present? Is the Earth really responsible for the vacuum-sealed metallic plastic packaging these culinary delights are packaged within? Surely not.. I believe misleading and questionable statements like these should definitely be subject to review from someone more likely to place useful, and truthful statements upon packages such as this.. Someone with the wisdom of Buddha, the compassion of Ghandi, and the courage of.. uh.. Lassie.. Wow.. I could be onto something..

Cheers all!

Jimzip :D

* A small amount of undesirable change a person may carry, usually so small in value that cannot be usefully utilised when purchasing goods.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Setting the stage..

April 30th.
Something big is in the works.
Stay tuned..

Jimzip :D

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

The mysterious 'Long Time Friend'..

Just a quick one..
Ok, so if you look down the list of blog entries below, you'll probably see entries from someone who leaves a signature 'Long Time Friend..".
Curiously, I don't have any friends with a name like that, however, my powers of deduction are second to none, so I decided to investigate.
Now I believe I know who you are mystery poster! And I plan to expose your identity in public!

Firstly, I thought about all those who would write a joke-post about James Bond.. That didn't help.. Anyone who has been friends with me for more than two sentances knows I love those films..
Then I saw the other posts, someone who visited American Eagle, who also had a place of residence in the US, and who also worked in either CA or USA..

I tried thinking of all the people who have visited the United States or Canada that have been friends with me for some time. The only two people that came to mind, were Chris, and Santa Claus.
Admittedly, Santa probably wouldn't post on my blog, which means I believe ('With 99% accuracy!' TM) that I have found out the identity of the mysterious commenter! I think..

So, Mr. Anonymous.. Will you prove me wrong? Or are your lurking days over?

Jimzip :D

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