Friday, June 12, 2009

Mea Makamae

Time for a little update to

3 days. Stay tuned.


3 thoughts are now mine:

Luke said...

Yay! Exciting times. FYI - I looked up mea makamae on google in case there was some clue. Hawaiian treasure, eh. And seeing as Jimzip has an Hawaiian themed design... I deduce there's going to be an update on! Yes, Holmes would be proud of my sleuthing. ;)

Dale said...

What do you have against panda-lovers? I really didn't think discrimination was your style... :P

Jimzip said...

Luke: Heheh, indeed, nicely done. ;) I just looked up your Hawaiian name too btw, it's Luka... Not too big a stretch, but cool nonetheless!

Dale: Nothing! Panda-lovers are as welcome here as seagull-beaters. I don't judge! ;)

Jimzip :D

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