Thursday, October 1, 2009

Make Your Own Kind of Music ... Videos

Howdy all!

Did you follow a link of nonsensical words to get here? If so, please allow me to explain!

See, it's that time again! The time when I'm feeling just so gosh-darned happy that a fiery meteor hasn't plummeted to Earth and killed us all that I want to celebrate - and what better way to celebrate the continuation of life as we know it than by giving away a shiny new iPod nano!

Indeed, I just happen to have one of the brand-spankin' new 8GB models and I'm waiting to send it off to one of my lovely readers as a colourful thanks (or perhaps an early Christmas present for someone special?? I know not!).

The new nanos were released just over 3 weeks ago, and have been updated with beautiful (and colourful) polished anodized aluminium cases, gorgeous 2.2 inch TFT displays, and most importantly, they now come with a built-in video camera! Yes, video recording on an iPod! ('Sweet!' I hear you yell! 'Mais oui!' I enthusiastically reply!)

And all this can be yours (where's my sassy showgirl when I need her?) by doing one simple task to prove yourself to the music gods....

To enter this contest:

1) Choose two (2) 'words' from the following list (hyphenated words count as 1 word, and exclamation marks must be included!):

archontophoenix • tubular • pleated • PERSIAN-RUG-SALE! • bamboozlement • madcap • scrumpdiddlyumptummyliciously • princely • rock-it-fo-shizzle • wunderbra • johnny-come-lately • toga-party • unscrupulously • strumpet • sashy-lashy • mango-sensation! • surreptitious • sunshine-boogie-party • troglodyte or penny-farthing.

2) Log in to twitter or facebook, and make a tweet (or status update) that includes the two (2) words you picked used in a sentence, followed by this link: .

3) Finally, post that same message on this blog, in the comment section of any post from now until contest close.

Please note! Your post must include the sentence and the link to qualify. Make sure to post the message to this blog using either an Open-ID or Blogger account, or at the least, with a name and URL - otherwise I don't know who to send the iPod to should you win! Anonymous posts will not be entered into the running.

Those rules again!
1) Pick 2 words.
2) Make a tweet or status update using the words in a sentence, followed by the link:
3) Post the same message here on making sure to sign-in with an identity.

The contest (if you can indeed call it that) will close on Fri the 9th of October at 11:59pm PST. A name will then be drawn from a hat, and that name henceforth shall recieve said iPod nano. The runner up (yes, we're adding 2nd place this year) will be drawn after the winner, and will recieve a wonderous, 'mystery prize pack', guaranteed not-to-include the new Jonas Brothers album! Oh, happy day!

(Oh it might be good to note that multiple entries do not give you a better chance at winning, but we can all share a good laugh at your posts anyway if you wish to share more than one).

Simple, really!

I really do wish you all the best of luck, and let the mayhem begin!


13 thoughts are now mine:

Patrick said...


"A princely yet surreptitious johnny-come-lately at the toga party unscrupulously sought a madcap strumpet in a wunderbra."

...I know, I know--so I'm a bit of an overachiever. If not for the character limit on Twitter, I'd have attempted the WHOLE list! :D

rbo said...

Yeahhh, I Iove Rocktober! (and an Ipod that finally has an FM tuner in it!)

I opted to go the facebook route. Mainly so I could use a specific word that is rather unfriendly to Twitter's character limit.

"[Robert W. White] wishes everyone a scrumpdiddlyumptummyliciously awesome Rocktober, with plenty of warm soup lunches, rainy evenings on the couch, and PERSIAN-RUG-SALE!"

Mmmmm persian-rug-sale! (it's like one of those fancy new tea names!)

Meghan said...

Mine is a riddle of sorts.

If he called me a strumpet & I called him a johnny-come-lately, which of us would be offended & which would be flattered?



Patrick said...

Oops! I forgot to leave my Twitter ID:


TOM said...

Today i entered a room incredibly named PERSIAN-RUG-SALE! I proceeded to use my bamboozlement to attract the ladies.

Yes DANGEROUS BEANS for the win!

Curtis said...

This rain is no match for my sunshine-boogie-party and I'm going to celebrate with my milkshake mango-sensation!

Happy Rocktober!



Tim Mc said...

Hahahahaha! I tried a dozen different ones before i settled on:

"He saw her in a Pleated-Sashy-lashy at the Persian rug sale. Will they rock-it-for-shizzle? Tune in next week!!!!!"

Tim Mc said...

Ok, im a little hooked on this. This will only work if you imagine this in the accent of the Captain from the Simpsons:

"Twas a tale of madcap bamboozlement and scrumpdiddlyumptummyliciously mango-sensation, of a princely strumpet and a pleated penny-farthing who met at a sunshine-boogie-party and did the sashy-lashy til they rock-it-for-shizzle, Arrrr!"

Welcome to Creepy Lamingtons: home to a mix of strange stories and articles that hopefully won't leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth. said...

Ah, thanks for making facebook think I'm insane. :p I decided to do it as an ad for rocktober:

"suggests you enter rocktober: it has all the excitement of a PERSIAN-RUG-SALE! with only half the fat of a mango-sensation!"

Luke Davidson said...

Oops! That's what happens when I mess with my blogger template. My bad.

mobileradius said...

Yesterday, I was just minding my own business penny-farthing when this old guy yelled at me PERSIAN-RUG-SALE! Clearance sale! So I bough a rug.

Luke! said...

its ROCKTOBER madness! she's wearing a pleated skirt, at a TOGA-PARTY!

Dale said...

"Surreptitious sunshine-boogie-party anyone?"

Mine is really boring compared with everyone else's. :)

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