Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Salve atque Vale

So the last few weeks have been one large blur for me. An enjoyable blur though. The lack of blog updates is a direct result of this, but things are back to 'normal' now.

In 80 words or less:

Brother Al arrived (actual brother - not a monk), stuff happened on a whim, like traveling to Disneyland & San Fran in 4 days, dubbing over Harry Potter etc. Then mum & Phil Arrived, we all went to Whistler for a weekend, I showed everyone around Vancouver while there was an incredible heat wave. Mum & Phil got to see something new (& hopefully enjoyed it all!), then they were off, Al extended his stay another week. Much fun. All in all, an awesome month!

(Wow, 80 words exactly ... incredible, and no, I did not do a word count after I'd finished! How presumptuous!)

Thus, everything is explained, and I can once more relax in the knowledge that my life is safely recorded within a miniscule magnetic field, on a hard drive, in a text file, at some data center at an undisclosed location in the US, and on display for the world to see.

Stay tuned for more ramblings.


3 thoughts are now mine:

Luke said...

Sounds busy and fun-filled. And not for the first time I find myself wishing that we had Disney Downunder. I think it'd be much better having that at the Docklands instead of a massive shopping centre that sells 180 roll packs of toilet paper and $160,000 diamond rings - but I digress. (On the otherhand, I could really do without another heatwave - they need to be banned.) Good to hear you're having fun!

Jimzip said...

Hahah. Yeah not much of a post but it'll do. :)

Ah, alas! With heat waves above 35 degrees I definitely agree with your distaste! But otherwise, bring them on I says!

Also, is that really what they did with the docklands? Another freaking shopping mall? I thought we were supposed to be toning down consumerism nowdays. :/ Nobody needs a $160,000 ring...

Jimzip :D

Patrick said...

It sounds like you had a nice time with the family! Myself, I'm so glad I missed the local heatwave...but my houseplants told me the tale of it when I returned home from vacation. Good to see you last week--how was District 9? Funny--we walked into the wrong cinema that night and ended up learning how to debone a duck from Merryl Streep. :(

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