Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Attack of the Corn!

So I was flipping through the thousands of photos stored on my computer, it occurred to me that I have this great photo, but it's cooped up in the albums by itself, getting no exposure!
It's a piece by Edward Sevdalis and myself, abstract expressionism at it's peak, depicting the turmoil of modern society. Full of meanings and messages, multi-layered and faceted, and full of artistic substance.


Ok that was all bs, but I still think it's a great photo! Kudos to Tash for modeling!

Jimzip :D

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Coming soon: Veronica Mars.

Usually my rants and raves have something to do with humans being stupid, or something to do with squirrels and marzapan, but not tonight.
If anyone is watching channel 10 at the precise moment that I'm writing this, you'll no doubt not be reading this, but you will have just seen an advert that says, (in typical network hype) "Veronica Mars, coming soon"..

This is just darn cool.. Though they are putting it on in the no-ratings season, they have obviously realised how much advertising they aren't violently shoving down the throats of the public, because of how many people are now downloading this series. And they should soon realise that the series has too much pizzaz, and way too much zork to be shunted into Summertime squat-ratings land. (I've been using Zork way too often lately..)

Anyway, if you haven't already downloaded the series, or been to a friend's place to watch it (kudos to Luke), then I suggest you don't download it and wait for it to air, and for god's sake watch it. Heck, I may know who killed Lily Kane by then, but I'll still watch it again anyway!

Please also note that contrary to popular belief, (thank you Channel 10) Paris Hilton does not play a large role in this series whatsoever. Like so many things recently it seems, she is in and out in 30 mins (BAM!), and doesn't appear for the rest of the series. I just thought I'd add that, as I saw another advertisement for the series launch in which it seems she is the star of the show, rather than Kirsten Bell who actually plays Veronica..
I now believe that buying the DVD's of the series (hello eBay) which, as pointed out in the comments on this post, supports the makers. Well.. the studios anyway, and will be more beneficial to the viewer than watching it on the aforementioned network, where you will likely miss key plot points thanks to that lax/slipshod programming that 'has' to shove that commercial break in, usually at at a really inopportune time, remniscent of so many lost punchlines in The Simpsons.. (Download an episode or two to see if you like it first, of course..)
That is all..

Jimzip :D

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Token - a short animation, is now online for your viewing pleasure.

You can see it via Jimzip Productions' cinema section.


Sunday, November 6, 2005

Token teaser trailer up.

View the teaser trailer for Jimzip Productions' 2005 animated feature 'Token'.

Visit Jimzip Productions' Cinema here.

Jimzip :D


Buckle your seatbelts! Because this year's animation is going to link to the aforementioned command in some innacurate and profound way!
Token, a short animation, will be available for your viewing pleasure this Thursday the 10th November on jimzip.com.
Meanwhile, enjoy the trailer, which should be available at http://www.jimzip.com/cinema/tokenteaser.html on Sunday the 6th at noon.

In other news, I've had that new Ricki-Lee song stuck in my head. it's driving me insane.. Seriously.. If I hear the word 'Sunshine' again I'm likely to slap someone.
Also, all pieces of linen in my bedroom have been washed as of last Thursday. That is all! Fare thee well!

Jimzip :D

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