Thursday, February 25, 2010

Troubled Waters

Sometimes it's when you're looking for something completely unrelated that interesting discoveries are made. It happened today when I chanced upon this gem while browsing a website about shipping routes.

It's the actual passenger lists from the original three fleets that delivered convicts to Australia, including the years, names, place of conviction and sentences. It's altogether kinda of fascinating and I thought I'd share it.

1st Fleet
2nd Fleet
3rd Fleet

See a family member listed there? Make sure you comment! ;)


4 thoughts are now mine:

Jimzip said...

Note that it does mention that in the original printing of this list in the papers, no source was cited. To some people this raises the possibility of the lists being made up. I leave judgement to you. :)

Jimzip :D

Luke Davidson said...

Well, Davidson is a very common name... it's not evidence of nothin', you hear me? You got nothin'!

Ahem, I'm sure it was just a 'borrowed' loaf of bread to keep the family fed...

Sevy said...

Sadly, there is not a Sevdalis to be seen. There had to be a cook on the fleet though right? Perhaps my ancestor, the Souvlaki craftsman of Sevropolis never made the history books.

There is a fighting Ferguson there, so perhaps some of the Family blood was present.

Did I mention my excitement for the trip just hit a new high today? Tehehe!!

Jimzip said...

Hahah, excellent! (To both the Ferguson bit and the excitement bit).

Yeah I think about it 'on the daily' to quote a certain media punching-bag. Very exciting, and it's certainly getting be through this freaking crazy winter! ;)

Jimzip :D

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