Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Effectively deaf, and mute.. but happy!

My collegues at work today were confounded by my lack of interest in what they were saying when they attempted to talk to me.
Currently I'm on my lunchbreak, and had I not explained to them earlier that I was at a particularly loud concert last night, my disinterestedness would probably have been chalked up to rudeness, or Arabian Rhino Disorder (where one believes they are a Rhino for a small amount of time, and essentially ignores all other human interaction.. Did I make that up? You be the judge!)

Anyway, despite losing my ability to hear temporarily I had an awesome time last night, as
Mike and myself rocked out to Anberlin, a particularly awesome group from Florida, at the Plaza on Granville St.
Anberlin is (well, was, as far as last summer was concerned) my step bro Alex's favourite band, and are certainly in my top 3 as well, and they gave an awesome performance which really solidifies their status in my head!
However, I discovered that while jumping up and down belting my lungs out, I kinda lost my voice as well.. so while not being able to hear was a bit of a problem, not being able to talk either made it somewhat worse..

So! For today I'll be texting things, and writing blog posts.. and now my lunch break is over! I would love to have posted a video of the event, but my phone doesn't seem to save videos too well, and it's basically a warbled mess of pixels jumbling around the screen to a loud static sound.. yeah.. Instead, I'll post this warbled mess of pixels that I was able to snap at the beginning of the concert.. Enjoy!

Cheers all!

Jimzip :D

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Stop shaving! Start watching! It's madness!

So! Even though I don't have the official pictures myself yet, I want to let everyone know that Friday night (last night, coincidentally!) saw some funky, crazy times. Good times.. but crazy times!

The night began as I left work at 6:00ish, went home, got dressed up all nice-like, and made my way via seabus to Mike's place on the North shore, for a drinking games night.. (Not the kind we have back home mind-you.. the premise is the same, but being over here tends to induce less idiocy..).
After a game of Cranium (which I highly recommend to anyone wishing to look smart, or incredibly stupid..) I then made my way back to the seabus station, and caught the last ride back to downtown, where it was back to the office for the moustachio!

In between my workmates and myself conversing jovially with a fellow Australian about whether Brisbane or Melbourne has more boguns, and another partygoer (who shall remain unnamed..) making sensationalist claims about topics of taboo, I found myself shaving the two-week beard off in a precise-..

- sorry just got a text saying I'm now single again..

uh, where was I.. Oh yeah, I used the boss' clippers to shave myself a genuine, 1930's handlebar moutache.. All class I say! (You can see the results in the attatched image.. Super class in fact!!)

It looked pretty rad, if I do say so myself! Though I never want to grow a beard again.. Two weeks of itchy torture!! Any guy can back me up on this one.. Stubble is one thing, beards are another entirely!!

Anyway! So long story short, last night was great fun.. I thought that to myself as I stubled home at 4:30, then crashed on top of my air-matress and woke up this morning tangled in a power-cord.
And that's it for this exciting installment of my digital journal! (Oh, and I'm uuuuuber pumped for the Anberlin concert I'm heading to on Monday night.. *joy!* Alex I wish you were here right now!!)
Cheers all!

Jimzip :D

Monday, April 2, 2007

Briefly: Thank you to everyone.

I'd just like to thank everyone that read the e-mail I sent out (titled "From James to everyone - If you like your music, read this.") last month.

We as consumers raised our voices, and the industry listened.
Music lovers the world over can celebrate today, because the artists the make the music we love and enjoy, and our undying efforts to preserve our freedom of choice, have finally been rewarded.

DRM is history.

Read the above article, and once again, thanks to everyone that stood up, and put an end to Digital Rights Management, and the RIAA's reign of terror.

Jimzip :D

Big bada-boom..

Last night I had the pleasure of witnessing a car window being smashed in.

Taking a moment to lean out the window and enjoy the view of the mountains at 1:00am or so, (coincidental timing being my specialty..) I happened to look down into the alley below me, and saw a man peering through a 4WD window. I watched as he balled his fist, and drove it through the passenger-side glass with a loud crackle as the window gave way..
It took me a second to get my act together, and after yelling a loud 'Oi!' into the night, echoing down the thin laneway, he retreated from the car, and ran off down the street glancing around nervously.
The funny thing was that after I yelled out, he withdrew from the car and sent back a loud, defensive: 'What?!", while he was trying to find where the sound had come from. You serious buddy?

I reckon my efforts were in vain though, I suppose with no window, the car would still have been robbed by morning.

Anyway, last week saw Invoke move to a new office. Friday night came along, and saw most of the employees helping out with the big shift to the other end of town.
The new office is awesome. Location.. kinda awesome, but once you get past the crackheads and bums it's a lovely part of town..
The removalists were useless also. They stood by the truck as us guys from the office moved everything from the fourth floor to the ground, (thankfully with the help of the elevators..). But luckily, once they were done 'helping' they disappeared quite quickly into whatever abyss they'd materialised from, and we were left in the new office playing games on the Wii with the projector, drinking and chowing down on pizza.

All in all, a good weekend. Last night I went mini-bowling downtown with some mates, Jeff and his GF Sherri, and tonight (Joy!) I get to finally watch the season finale of Battlestar with a friend almost as obsessed with it as I am! ("Possible how!?" I hear you say with a hand to your hip, and retort with "Easily!" in an equally loquacious fashion..)

So! That's about it, work is great, home is cool, and friends are nifty-ifty.
I'm hoping I hear back from a certain Australian guy soon RE: Hawaii, because.. damn.. I can't wait to do that, but until next time dear readers, be safe! (and lock your cars somewhere safe too, I suppose..)

Jimzip :D

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