Thursday, April 23, 2009

With A Little Help From My Friends

Hey e-pals!

Ok so here's the deal, the lil' startup I work for (invoke media) is a contender in the popvox people's choice awards for '09! Yay!

The categories we're in are products I was lucky enough to design branding for (HootSuite and memelabs)! So the personal attachment factor is profound!

Of course, we need votes to win, and this is where you come in. The ability to take 45 seconds out of your busy schedules and help us out would be something we shall remember and celebrate for years to come.

You'll be asked to sign up when you press the lovely 'vote' button, but signup takes literally less than a minute.

We're in 3 categories:

Best startup
Best Social Media App
UGC Contest Platform

So click those links and vote, dear friends! Vote like the wind, and there'll be cupcakes for all!*


*Offer valid only to residents of Jupiter.

7 thoughts are now mine:

Luke Davidson said...

Well you're now 3 votes richer but one cupcake poorer (if I ever move to Jupiter). How come you don't twitter with hootsuite? (Not that I twitter, but sometimes I read it.)

Jimzip said...

Oh I do usually, it's just that I don't twitter that much in general. ;)

Thanks muchly dear sir!

Jimzip :D

Dale said...

Invoke Media has the full support of The Daley News Co! Good luck. :)

Anonymous said...

Voting process is a bit cumbersome, but you now have 2 more votes for each entry. :) Good luck Jim!
- Ethan

Jimzip said...

Thanks a bunch peeps, let's keep em coming, spread the word! WE MUST BEAT 49ABOVE!! :)

Jimzip :D

Ali said...

Done! Good luck with it all Jim, keep us posted with the results!

Jimzip said...

At last count, we're now winning the three categories, but it's darned close!

"Come on Dover, move yer bloomin' ass!"

Jimzip :D

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