Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Guest Artist: Waz. Bananas & Starry Palms

Well, it's about time for a couple of new wallpapers, and I'm excited to announce that this month we have a guest artist adding some awesome new pics to the collection!

'Bananas' and 'Starry Palms', the two new backgrounds, can be found in the Collection area of, and were taken by guest photographer (and musician) Waz!

Starry Palms is one of my new favourites, it's a beautiful calm pic with a lot of blank space upon which your messy desktop can sit, ;) while Bananas is a fantastic, colourful addition - a bit busier - but more fun also. You can't miss 'em.

If you're an artist and want your artwork added to the collection too, send an message to me here, and we'll get you into the spotlight.

Thanks Waz, and enjoy all!


6 thoughts are now mine:

Sevy said...

I like.
But also need to point out in IE8 it seems all the comment links are now below the main blog section (so not below each entry).

Jimzip said...

Yes, blogger decided to go and change the source code of everything without giving me the option of resisting. Kinda 'borg-like' if you will ... anyway I'm still working out the kinks. Thanks for the tip off. :)

Jimzip :D

lissy said...

Hey jim can you make it so people can comment on the live pics?? Because I wanted to say that the Harry Potter covers are awesome - but the Klamrisk! sign is THE best thing I've ever seen!!! hahahahahaha. God that is an amazing sign.

Jimzip said...

Aw, I'd love to but it doesn't let you do that. :/ I will ask that Apple puts that in though haha, who knows, maybe they'll listen! :)

Yeah I love the klamrisk too hehe, and there are better ones around too, which I'll try and find. Love ya Mim. :)

Jimzip :D

warwickmac said...

I'm the guest artist!!! Whoooooo!!!!!!!

Jimzip said...

Haha, yes yes you are. ;)

Jimzip :D

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