In the real world, my name is James McLeod. Jimzip is my handle, and is my online home. I'm a graphic designer, 3D animator, writer and filmmaker with an interest in anything exotic, mysterious and adventurous. Enjoy your stay and please come back anytime. is home to all things tiki and retro including original exotica artwork and tropical amusements to give your life a touch of aloha!

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Aplace where mischief and mystery are afoot, you're just in time to check-in!

Here at we specialise in artwork that captures the spirit of classic exotica and adventure!

Please enjoy the collection of curios and treasures we've tirelessly procured from distant lands. Or, you can see what we're currently working on with the help of Progress-Bot, which we hope you'll find illuminating.

We will be departing again soon, so please watch your step, and with a trusty map and compass (and perhaps even a cocktail) in hand, get ready for us to guide you on a quest for discovery!


Latest Dispatch View Discovery • New wallpaper added - Jan 30, 2013
Things get frosty with 'ice', 'snowflakes' and more.

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A Bird of Paradise. Marvelous. A surfboard. Why not?