In the real world, my name is James McLeod. Jimzip is my handle, and is my online home. I'm a graphic designer, 3D animator, writer and filmmaker with an interest in anything exotic, mysterious and adventurous. Enjoy your stay and please come back anytime.

Jimzip's Biography

Jimzip Biographies have never been a strong suit for me, so I'll try not to bore you - let's make it brief shall we?

I'm a 26 year old enthusiast of all things ancient, exotic, mysterious and adventurous. I keep a journal, a blog, and a notebook, all of which are frequently updated, but only one of which is online. Either way, you can see where I am currently and what I'm up to by clicking on the 'Blog' link above.

I feel that being a citizen of the world is a beautiful idea, and as such revel in meeting new people, getting lost in different cultures, and traveling with no destination simply to explore along the way. Along with this enjoyment of the world is a keen interest in its languages, both the modern and the ancient. At current I'm studying Swedish, German and Arabic, dabbling in Heiroglyphics, and am loving the ride.

Writing, filming and animating are also interests, and in my spare time I enjoy playing piano, collecting odd socks, and (not so secretly) listening to old records from the masters of 1950's Exotica. If you hadn't noticed, I feel the old world has both the best style, and the best lessons to teach, and you may see influences from those times in the things I do and how I do them.

Professionally speaking then, I have worked for two companies in Canada as a graphic designer for four years altogether and loved my time there, but am now residing in Australia, working at a design and print studio in Melbourne, and also working on some of my own projects. You can check my progress with Progress-Bot.

Lastly and in keeping with my promise of 'brief', I believe in friendship, honesty, fairness and giving anyone something to smile about, and I hope one day to influence the world in a positive way.

So, that wasn't so tough now, was it! All that's left is my name I believe.

In the real world I'm James, but you can call me Jimzip.

A Bird of Paradise. Marvelous. A surfboard. Why not?