The Collection. Home to things exotic, tiki and retro. Featuring original exotica artwork, original tiki artwork and pieces, and other tropical delights to tikifi your life. Page two: Adventure Photography, is a gallery of original photography designed to inspire adventure, joy, and appreciation of our incredible world.

Welcome to Jimzip's Art Collection

Here in the Adventure Photography Section, we have put together a collection of imagery for those not bound by the simple delights of island living. Allow us to take you on a journey that covers the globe, from mountain peaks to sprawling desert. To download: Simply right-click on the image you like, and choose 'Save As...'.


All of these backgrounds are free for personal use, but please just drop me a line if you want to use one in a project, or if you need a larger version. If the works here interest you, perhaps you ought to take a look through the other galleries also.

Page 2: Adventure Photography

A Bird of Paradise. Marvelous. A surfboard. Why not?