The Collection. Home to things exotic, tiki and retro. Featuring original exotica artwork, original tiki artwork and pieces, and other tropical delights to tikifi your life. Page one: Exotica Photography, is a selection of photos taken in exotic and tropical locales which you can download directly to your computer for that authentic 'tikified' feel.

Welcome to Jimzip's Art Collection

Come in, come in! Good thing you got here early, it can be quite a bustle!

Here you will find the (not-so) private collection of Jimzip, a marvellous cache of fine original Exotica Artwork that you can download right to your computer for instant tiki-fication! Simply right-click on the image you like, and choose 'Save As...'.

How smashing!

All of these backgrounds are free for personal use, but please just drop me a line if you want to use one in a project, or if you need a larger version. If the works here interest you, perhaps you ought to take a look through the other galleries also.

Page 1: Exotica Photography

A Bird of Paradise. Marvelous. A surfboard. Why not?