The Collection. Home to things exotic, tiki and retro. Featuring original exotica artwork, original tiki artwork and pieces, and other tropical delights to tikifi your life. Page Four: Original Websites, houses some orginal online creations by Jimzip. You may find tiki, retro or exotica influences some of them, but there are many styles employed here.

Welcome to Jimzip's Art Collection

Oh! Thank goodness I caught up to you! I have to warn you to stay back from the fence a little in here, these things can deliver quite a nip.

You will find here an assortment of various websites, designed by Jimzip and on display here for you to enjoy. Please do so!

Page 4: Original Websites - Designed for Clients

Original Websites - Personal Projects

Website for 'The Binding Of Ciltari' a yet-to-be-released fantasy series The Adventure Outpost - Worldwide Exploration Dispatch The online home of Galen Blythe The Lemon Lime Vodcast - Note: no longer online. Jimzips Blog - Your alternative to not reading a blog.

Adventures In Celluloid - Delivering exotic journeys for your senses. Where Will You Stand is coming soon. Pray the dawn isn't black.
A Bird of Paradise. Marvelous. A surfboard. Why not?